Old Time Occupations beginning with the letter F

Ships passenger lists, census returns and other documents used in genealogy may give an ancestor’s occupation, this list gives more modern interpretations of those terms.

Faber – smith
Factor Agent – merchant for commission (or factor); attorney (not in the modern US sense); one who transacts business for another (usually absent); Scottish steward or bailiff of an estate
Falkner – keeper/trainer of falcons
Farmer – tax-collector or bailiff
Farrier – horse doctor, one in charge of horses; blacksmith; shodder of horses
Fell Monger – one who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making
Fence Viewer – person who inspects farmer’s fences
Ferur/Ferator – farrier or blacksmith
Feuar – holder of lands granted for services
Fisher/Fishdryver – victualler
Flauner – confectioner
Flax Dresser – one who works with flax fibers
Fleshewer – butcher
Fletcher – maker of bows and arrows; arrowmaker
Forestarius – forester
Framar – farmer
French polisher – polish wood by hand using French polish, wax or lacquer
Frereman – servant of the Friars
Fuller – fuller of cloth; shrinker and thickener of woolen cloth by washing, heating and pressing; a felter; cleaner and thickener of cloth; one who trampled cloth, see also walker
Furber/Furbour – furbisher of armour
Furner – baker

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