Latin Terms beginning with the letter C

caelebs – single, unmarried (man)
capellanus – chaplain
cognati – maternal relations
cognomen – surname
commater – godmother
comparere – to appear
comparuit pro me – he/she appeared before me
compater – godfather
conceptus/a/um – conceived
concepta est – she was pregnant
coniunx (coniux) – husband or wife
coniuges (pl.) – married couple
consanguinitas – blood relationship (if too close, an impediment to marriage)
consobrinus/a – cousin on the mother’s side
contrahere – to contract, to draw together
   matrimonium contraxerunt – they contracted marriage
coparcener – co-heir
copulatio – marriage
copulatus/a – married man/woman
copulatus/a est – he/she was married
coram – in the presence of
corpus – body
cum – with

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