1879 Yellow Fever Deaths in Memphis, Tennessee, September 14th-20th

Mortuary Report of the Board of Health for the Week Ending September 20th – Deaths by Yellow-Fever and from Other Causes.

Yellow Fever Deaths

Tom Buford, age 40, colored.
J. L. Sharpe (male), age 77, white.
George Edgerly, age 21, white.
W. B. Turner (male), age 70, colored.
Mose Pettis, age 35, colored.
Frank Davidson, age 21, colored.
Gerret Devries, age 38, white.
Claude Prestridge, age 12, white.
Timothy Keefe, age 28, white.
Hetty Hale, age 60, colored.
Maria Seales, age 28, colored.
Ross Hodges, age 39, colored.
Dan E. Sullivan, age 32, white.
R. G. Jobe (male), age 30, white.
J. H. Gordon (male), age 48, colored.
Maria O’Donnell, age 23, white.
Mollie Madden, age 18, white.
Maria Ward, age 27, colored.
G. B. Mahaffey (male), age 40, white.
Fred Volkmar, age 59, white.
Fred Dietich, age 49, white.
Eddie Stinnett, age 14, white.
John Devoto, age 25, white.
Ben Crone, age 14, white.
Geo. Doubleday, age 20, white.
David Bacon, age 30, colored.
Mollie Davis, age 35, colored.
C. S. Hamner (male), age 16, white.
Wm. R. Seidel, age 17, white.
Orange Reed, age 56, colored.
H. Herrison, age 31, white.

Total deaths from yellow fever for week: 31.
Total deaths from yellow fever to date, 346.

Deaths from Other Causes

Nancy Pulver, age 36, white, dysentery.
Jas. C. Byrnes, age 2, white, asthma.
H. Henderson (male), age 2, colored, chronic diarrhea.
Flor’ce Sullivan (male), age 63, white, bilious fever.
Abram Porter, age 14, colored, consumption.
Mamie Jones, age 16 months, colored, dropsy.
Edgar Edings, age 3, colored, accident.
Charles Tims, age 2, colored, dentition.
Katie Hampson, age 4, white, cong. brain.
Joshua Taylor, 11 days, colored, inanition.
Geo. Kennedy, age 29, colored, pneumonia.
Peter Harrison, age 54, white, cong. brain.
L. A. M’Anally (female), age 61, white, paralysis.

Yellow-Fever Cases

Total number of new yellow fever cases for the week ending 20 September: 80.
Total number of cases to date: 1216.

Abstract prepared by Genealogy-Quest.com from “Mortuary Report” Memphis Daily Appeal, Memphis, TN, 21 September 1879, 2.

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