1878 Yellow Fever Deaths in Holly Springs, Mississippi

In 1878 the United States experienced a massive yellow fever epidemic; nationally 15,934 people died of the disease and in Mississippi, there were 3,165 deaths.

On October 5th, 1878, Holly Springs Mississippi reported 5 deaths that day, but new cases were slowing down. The total number of deaths for the town was 230.

List of Deaths to September 30th.

Dan Oliver
George Featherstone
Mrs. M’Dermott
Charles Walker
A. Walver
C. Harris, colored
H. Harris, colored
H. Carter, colored
H. Morton, colored
Miss D. Allen
M. Glassey
Mrs. Gaitley’s son
D. Phillips, colored
Miss A. Stewart
W. Yancy’s child
Mrs. Yancy
Mrs. J. M’Gowan
Sister Stella
Mr. Johnston
J. Hastins
J. Wells’s wife
Thos. Wade
A. Saunders
Sister Margarette
E. L. Downs
A. T. Wilshire
James Chism
Frank Ganter
James Fort
Batman’s child
Mrs. E. A. Thomas
B. D. Nabers
W. B. Todd
Sam Crockett
Jas. Walker
Sam Bonner
Bateman’s child
T. A. Falconer
U. H. Ross
Miss C. Record
Victory Smith
Willie Wooten
Alex Sevple
R. W. Fort
Father Oberti
Mrs. R. Daniel
Minerva Lynch
Scott Epps
E. T. Brinkley’s child
D. Ingram, colored
Ben Casey
Em Jones, colored
Mr. Dunn
O. J. Quiggins’s child
Mrs. R. L. Watson
Miss M. Stewart
J. W. Webber
Jane M’Gary
Rebecca Lee’s child, colored
Dr. Manning
H. Winburn
J. Larouche
J. Fowler, colored
Mary Choison
Miss L. Allen
D. Jeffries, colored
Willie Castello
J. Berry, colored
Mrs. Hutchinson
Jim Wells
J. R. L. Hunt
Jimmie Walter Hempton’s son
Glenn Fant
Mr. Gholston
Mrs. A. Straws
Mrs. M’Ghery
Mrs. C. M’Guire
Miss Lake
Wm. Mackin
A. F. Brown’s child
Mrs. Jas. Nuttall
Mrs. S. Knapp
Gus Smith
A. F. Moore
J. Chenowith
B. S. Crump
Chas. Glassy
R. L. Watson
Mrs. Blank
Geo. Wing
Wm. Crump
Hal. Johnson
W. J. Marett
C. Chenowith
J. C. Potter
A. A. Armstrong
C. Schneider
Richard Daniel
Miss Bead
Mr. Brannon
E. W. Upshaw
Mar. R. Hastings
M. Anderson, colored
Pat M’Guire
Laura Demmey
Jas. M’Kean
Mrs. G. Kimball
C. Washington, colored
Mrs. Featherstone
J. H. Stone
S. Knapp
W. Collins, colored
E. T. Brinkley
Miss L. Butler
Julia Stojowski
Eugene Leidy, jr.
Mollie Cox’s child, col.
A. Rollins, colored
Major K. Falconer
T. Henderson’s child
Dr. J. W. Fennell
John Power
Mrs. Harrington
Dr. Lewis
Frank Walter
A. Gouldon
J. M. Lumpkins
John Banks
Mrs. K. O’Gray
C. Roxy
A. Hohenwart
Miss L. Fort
A. W. Goodrich
Isaac Tandler
H. A. M’Croskey
Robert M’Lain
B. P. Oliver
Wm. Hogan
H. Snider’s child
Mrs. leak
S. Abernathy
Dr. C. Bonner
Jas. Nuttall
Miss J. Waite
R. G. Campbell
Virginia Lynch
Mrs. J. Dougherty
Clem Read
Mrs. S. H. Pryor
E. T. Brinkley’s child
Clarissa Davis
W. S. Featherstone, jr.
Henry Epps
Lizzie Lane, colored
Mrs. J. Potter
Sam Kimball
Geo. Kimball
G. Johnson, colored
L. Thompson
L. Ingraham, colored
Mrs. E. D. Miller
Ben Boyd, colored
Peter Webber
Mrs. J. Foreman
Mrs. M. Knable
Mrs. L. Thompson
Col. H. Walter
Capt. J. Fennell
H. Falconer
Sister Stanislas

Abstract prepared by Genealogy-Quest.com from “Holly Springs, Miss.” Memphis Daily Appeal, Memphis, TN, 6 October 1878, 1.

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