1873 Yellow Fever Deaths in Memphis, Tennessee

On 13 September 1873, the Board of Health announced the presence of Yellow Fever in Memphis, Tennessee. In the first week of the epidemic, 78 people were killed by the disease, in the second week 92 were killed, in the third week the number rose to 154 deaths and in the fourth week there were 309 more deaths.

On 14 October 1873, the Public Ledger newspaper reported the names of 40 people who had died of yellow fever in just 24 hours:

Theresa Freedlander, age 36.
Louis Rosenthal, age 46.
M. Chapsky, age 31.
Louisa M. Tucker, age 47.
Mrs. Mary C. Coleman, age 46.
John Johnson, age 18.
Joseph Hainor, no age given.
Estella Pitts, age 7.
Francis Livingstone, age 25.
Thomas Mela, age 40.
Capt. S. J. Atlee, age 40.
Louisa Wises, age 19.
Kate Casey, age 19 months.
August Heidelberg, age 40.
Robert Pointer (col’d), age 30.
John O’Brien, age 19.
Mrs. Adeline White, age 58.
John Gleen, age 30.
B. F. Chapman, age 24.
Wesley Hill, age 27.
Mrs. Louisa Brener, age 38.
Mrs. Ruyn Hemple, age 38.
John Frick, age 54.
Michael Miller, age 46.
John I. O’Conners, age 13.
Mrs. Crinnell, age 40.
George E. King, age 21
Thomas O’Brien, age 25.
Allen Thomas, age 23.
Thomas Canning, age 41.
Harry Summers, (col’d), age 35.
Lillie Teis, age 17.
Sister Magnolia McKerman, age 53.
Mrs. Alice Wilkerson, age 50.
Louise Null, age 18.
Mrs. Hunt, age 50.
John O’Brien, age 19.
Mary McBride, age 30.
child of Pat Madigan, age 5.
George Granger, age 35.

Abstract prepared by Genealogy-Quest.com from “Yellow Fever.” Public Ledger, Memphis, TN, 14 October 1873, 2.

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