1873 Yellow Fever Deaths in Memphis, Tennessee

98 Deaths in 48 Hours – 82 from Yellow Fever – 16 Unknown and Other Causes.
Only 42 Deaths in the Last 24 Hours – 36 of these Yellow Fever – Other Causes, 6.

From Noon 12 October 1873 to Noon 13 October 1873

Yellow Fever

Tim Baylen, age 30Joseph Harrison, colored
Geo. Bussey, age 38Virginia Bussey, age 36
Mike Collins, age 40 Louis Becktold, age 22
Pat Connell, age 10Mike Dunn, age 40
W. L. McLefresh, age 36Wm. M. Gorsuch, age 67
Mat. Foley, age 7Julia Creighton, age 35
W. A. Allen, age 25Mrs Rosena Juukerman, age 40
George Devore, age 23Mrs. Margaret Arnold, age 37
Mrs B. J. Donovan, age 35Owen Daly, age 38
Mrs A. E. Troombly, age 30Rose Mortini, age 25
Geo. McIntoch, age 56Ross Clark, colored, age 20
Chas. Naegle, age 37Bridget Tracy, age 37
Emma Seifford, age 15Mrs Kate Furguson, age 27
Jas. F. Barton, age 49Porter Swayne, age 22
Miss Henrietta DavenportRichard Williams, colored, age 40
James W. Towney Robt. Portlock, age 5
C. Canning Smith, age 42 W. A. Pyne, age 30
George D. Plummer, age 37 Nicholas Phillipson, age 22
William Fethersten, age 40, unknown
Mrs Barney Cox, age 33, flux
Alex. Philmont, age 34, hemorrhage
Jas. Moss, colored, age 66, congestive chill
Frank Ross, colored, unknown
Lucy Robinson, age 16, unknown

Abstract prepared by Genealogy-Quest.com from “Yellow Fever” Public Ledger, Memphis, TN, 13 October 1873, 2.

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