Abbreviations beginning with the letter S

s. – son
SAR – Sons of the American Revolution
Sct – Silicet, a Latin term meaning in particular or namely. Commonly seen in legal documents after the name of the jurisdiction.
SCV – Sons of Confederate Veterans
SDWA – Society of the Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge
sep. – separated
SEYM – South Eastern Yearly Meeting (Quaker)
SI – sister
s-i-l – sister in law
sis – sister
s/o – son of
SOWD – Special Order War Department (US Civil War)
S. S. – Sharpshooters (US Military regiments).
SS – see Sct above
SSDI – Social Security Death Index (USA)
SUVCW – Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (USA)
SWA – Seriously Wounded in Action (military)

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