Abbreviations beginning with the letter R

RCA – Railway Carmen of America
rcd – recorded; received
RCJ – Rogationists Cordis Jesu (formal name for Rogationists, Roman Catholic Order of Men)
rec – received
recrq – received by request (Quaker)
relfc – released from care of (Quaker)
relrq – released by request (Quaker)
rem. – remove, removed
ret. – retired; returned
ret mbrp – retained membership (Quaker)
rev – reversed
RGLI – Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RHF – Royal Highland Fusiliers
RJLI – Royal Jersey Light Infantry
RMC – Returned to Military Control (Military)
RMLI – Royal Marine Light Infantry
rm(t) – reported married (to)
RNA – Royal Neighbors of America
roc – received on certificate (Quaker)
rocf – received on certificate from (Quaker)
rol – received on letter (Quaker)
rolf – received on letter from (Quaker)
rpd – reported
RQM – Regimental Quartermaster (US Civil War)
rrq – request, requests, requested
rqc – requested certificate (Quaker)
rqct – requested certificate to (Quaker)
rqcuc – requested to come under care (Quaker)
RSF – The Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSOF – Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
rst – reinstate, reinstated (Quaker)
RTD – Returned to Duty (military)
RTT – Royal Templars of Temperance

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