Abbreviations beginning with the letter N

na – not applicable; not attending meeting (Quaker)
NAT – North African Theater (military)
NATO – North African Theater of Operations (military, WW2)
NCWA – National Civil War Association (USA)
nd – no date, not dated
neg att – neglecting attendance (Quaker)
NEHGS – New England Historic Genealogical Society
nfr – no further record
NFMP – National Fraternity of Military Pilots
NGS – National Genealogical Society (USA)
NGSQ – National Genealogical Society Quarterly
nm – never married
nmn – no middle name
NOB – Naval Order of Battle
NOK – Next of Kin (military)
np – no page (or publisher) given – no publisher given
NR – not reported (Census Soundex)
NSDAR – National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
NSSDP – National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

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