Deputy Lieutenants of Gloucester, 1694

Approbation of the following persons as deputy-lieutenants of the county of Gloucester:

22 July 1694

Lord Capell
Lord Scudamore
Lord Tracy
Sir John Guise
Sir Ralph Dutton
Sir Thomas Stephens
Sir Richard Cocks
Sir John Newton
John de la Bere, Esq.
John Mariott, Esq.
Thomas Stephens, Esq.
Henry Creswick, Esq.
Joshua Ayleworth, Esq.
Maynard Colchester, Esq.
Reginald Pyndar, Esq.
George Smith, Esq.
Edward Smith, Esq.
Robert Tracey, Esq.
William Hodges, Esq.
John Cocks, Esq.
Thomas Pyrke, Esq.
Thomas Stephens, Esq., of Lysgate
Edward Fust, Esq.
Thomas Chester, Esq.
Samuel Codrington, Esq.
Nathaniel Stephens, Esq.
Samuel Barker, Esq.
Samuel Trottman, Esq.
Richard Dowdswell, Esq.
Charles Dowdswell, Esq.
William Try, Esq.
John How, Esq.
Francis Creswick, Esq.
John Stafford, Esq.
Edward Stephens, Esq.
Joseph Browne

Hardy, William John, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 1694-1695, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 5, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1906. pp. 234-235.

More information about the history of Gloucestershire can be found in the book:

Civil War, Interregnum and Restoration in Gloucestershire, 1640-1672

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