Thomas How Ridgate – List of Debts Due

Thomas How Ridgate was a merchant at Port Tobacco in Charles County, Maryland. In 1772 his business partnership with John Barnes ended in bankruptcy with Barnes being imprisoned for a time in London. Apparently undeterred, Ridgate returned to the mercantile business and built himself a large house in Port Tobacco. In 1790 Thomas How Ridgate died intestate and once again in debt, but with a great deal of debts still due to him.

This list of people who paid their debts to his wife, Elizabeth, as administratrix of his estate reads like a who’s who of Charles County, Maryland during the early national period. It was presented to the Orphan’s Court in February 1793.

Daniel Norris
Charles Robey
Elijah Clark
Jane Gray
Hezekiah Cooksey
Edward Flory junior
Henry Maddox
Pearson Chapman
John Williams
Robert D. Semmes
Godfrey Moredock
William Halkerstone
William Poston
Maurice J. McDonough
Margaret Leigh
Gustavus Nally
Humphrey Posey
Henry Queen
William McPherson
John Boarman
William Robey (of Richard)
Matthew Stone
Luke Wheeler
Thomas Parsons
John Edelin
Capt. Samuel McPherson
Hugh Cox
John Muschett
Thomas Crackels
Thomas Ostro
John Lammond
William Rourk
Benjamin Reeder
David Luckett
George Hutchison
George Dixon
Francis M. Ware
Richard R. Reeder
Zachariah Kenderick
John Hurry
John Miller
Walter Clements (of Walter)
John McPherson
Matthew Copher
John Boswell (of Matthew)
Ignatius Wheeler (of Richard)
Jacob Dodson
Francis Edelin (of Thomas)
Thomas Robey
John Allen
Richard Varden
Thomas Burgis
John Roby
Robert Bruce
James Mudd
Joseph Turner
Joseph G. Thompson
Samuel Wheeler
Samuel Cox
Samuel H. McPherson
Richard B. Mitchell
Edward Miles
Benjamin Howard
Samuel Robey
Daniel McPherson
Benjamin Lomax
Thomas H. Luckett
Alexander Robey
Walter Miles
Hezekiah Garner
Ignatius Douglass
John Ben & Len Jameson
Charles Ray senior
Charles Ray junior
Henry Maddox
John A. Clements
Sarah Boswell (Wm)
John Ward
Noah Maddox
Jessee Boswell
Nelly Doyne
Sally Doyne
Joseph Hunt
Edward Deakins
Francis J. Stewart
Henry Clements
Edward Smoot
Baker Brooke
William Boswell
Samuel Mitchell
Benjamin D. Posey
William Garland
Francis Edelin
Benjamin Wilder
Joseph Elgin
Ignatius Wheeler
James Cox
John B. Thompson
Joseph Luckett
Samuel Maddox
Dennis Nalley
William Coomes
William Thompson
Matthew Boswell
Charles Burris
Lesly Robey
Richard Mitchell
John Hanson
Walter Jameson
Thomas Harrison
Rev’d Walter H. Harrison
Barton Dodson
John Clements (Joe)
Joseph Boswell
Edward Sanders
Benedicta McPherson
John Hanson senior
Ignatius Boswell
Marmaduke Simmes
Molly Stone
Henry M. Hanson
Henry Hagan
John Cox
Benjamin Latimer
Joseph Gray
Samuel Dixon
Thomas McPherson
Walter Smith
James Semmes
Nicholas Ware
Archibald Johnson senr.
James Taylor
Joseph Dant
Cleon Clements
Sarah Boswell
Hezekiah Speake
Simon Smith
Hendly Adams
James Ray
Robert Sennit
Allison Maddox
George Clark
Thomas Hancock
Samuel Hanson
Ignatius Mahorney
John Milstead
Robert Laidler
Sarah Ward
Thomas Hopewell
Leonard Clements
Joseph Thomspn
Ignatius Hatcher
John D. Scott
Walter Burch
William Robertson
Zephaniah Franklin
Barton Flanagan
Dr. Benjamin Fendall
William Hill
William Craik esquire
Thomas Evans
Edward W. Boswell
Henry Smith
Ann Sanders
Samuel Swann
Nicholas L. Sewall
Thomas Hawkins
Benjamin Douglass
Sigismand Massey
James Brooke
John C. Jones
Richard Boarman
Joseph Boarman
Gerard Johnson
Kitty G. McPherson
Rachael Mitchell
Edward Hamilton
Basil Robey
James Posey
Richard Robey
Zachariah Price
Joe Owen & H. Bean
William Dodson
Henry Bean
Thomas G. Howard
John S. Chilton
William Moreland
Jacob Dixon
Mary Burgis
Stephen Chandler
Edward Clements
William Thomas
Molly Neale
Henny Morris
Mary McCoy
James Chatham
Eleanor Maddox
Townly Maddox
Sarah Neale
Richard Goodrick
Raphael Neale
Rev’d Leonard Neale
Ann Neale
William Oliver
Ignatius Wathen
Jeremiah Williams
Leonard Warring
Joseph Robey
John Varden
Hendley Maddox
Thomas Sanders
Susanna Ward
Francis Hill
Elias Flory
Joseph Owen
John Brooke
James Cohooe
Richard Edelin
Oswald Brooke
William McConchie
Edward Kerrick
Robert Brent junr.
Ann Thompson
Benjamin Davis
Jane Hawkins
Hugh Mastin
Ignatius Vardin
Hezekiah Robey
Charles Pye
Ann Sanders
Henry Stewart
William B. Smoot
Thomas Ray
Thomas Smallwood
Charles Yates
Thomas Bond
Eleanor Cooksey
Walter McPherson senr.
John Keech
Leonard Reeves
Ann Barnes
John Boswell (Wm)
Thomas M. Dent
John Heard
Joseph W. Harrison
James Boarman
Robert Haislip
William Garner
John Jems
Ignatius Luckett (Jno)
John Maddox
Richard Coombs
James Russell
Bennet Hamilton
Daniel McPherson
Ignatius Simpson
Henrietta Adams
Bennet W. Barber
Alexander S. Hawkins
Mungo Muchett
Susanna Haxton
Thomas Lomax
Raphael Boarman
Thos. Ralph & Joe Boarman
Walter Gray
John Flory
Thomas Clements
Molly Doyne
John Kiberd
Robert Brent senior
John Adams
Godwin Flory
Zachariah McDaniel
Thomas J. Boarman
William Flory
Catharine Winter
Dr. Walter Brooke
Samuel Hailey
Marcul Latimer
Jestinian Cooksey
Eleanor Wheeler
John A. Thomas
Wm Cox & Saml. Luckett
John Sanders
Ann Leftwich
Thomas Russell
Joseph Speake
Alethia Elgin
Lansdale Godfrey
Notly Maddox
Joseph Evans
Isaac S. Latimer
Nicholas Peers
Nicholas & V. Peers
William Kenedy
Nathaniel Eweing
Thomas Dent
John Chandler
George Dent
George Tubman
Charles Sewall junior
Walter Hanson esqr.
Thomas Simmes
Edward Maddox
Robert C. Hall
Benjamin Marshall
Capt. William McPherson
Leonard Madox
Gustavius Rd. Brown
Meredith Brawner
John B. Wills


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