Yard near the R. R., at Patrick Station

Thos. M. Jackson, I, 10th N. J.
L. C. Parsons, G, 1st Maine.
Chas. E. Cranmer, G, 11th N. J.
S. A. Bennett, G, 129th N. Y.
I. Walker, B, 8th N. J.
H. I. Duke, K, 87th Pennsylvania.
Calvin Ingerson, K, 8th N. J.
Jacob Kohl, F, 73d N. Y.
Wm. Kubler, H, 8th N. J.
Jos. Fulton, C, 57th Pennsylvania.
Geo. W. Kemmell, C, 57th Pennsylvania.
Fletcher Russell, I, 93d N. Y.
Preston Pempers, B, 11th Mass.
Wm. S. Butler, C, lst Maine H. A.
Wm. Curtis, B, 7th N. J.
Jas. Owins, A, 1st Maine H. A.
John Rosh, G, 7th N. J.
Thos. Ulric, A, 8th N. J.
Wm. Hoffman, I, 8th N. J.
Fred. Christ, Batt. F, 5th U. S. Art.
Nathaniel Chambers, A, 1st Maine.
Abiel Farrows, M, 1st Mass.
Lewis Thompson, B, 1st Maine H. A.
John W. Johnson, I, 8th N. J.
Geo. H. Mason, A, 124th N. Y.
Jonathan Eckart, H, 141st Pennsylvania.
Jos. Reynolds, G, 120th N. Y.
Matthew Esglison, D, 105th Pennsvlvania.
Carter Nelson, (colored servant at Head-quarters.)
Jas. Woodcock, G, 93d N. Y.
Martin Covell, F, 124th N. Y.
Edward N. Lahn, B, 11th N. J.
John B. Miles, A, 17th Maine.
Wm. A. Chapman, F, 20th Ind.
Gustav Davison, D, 11th N. J.
Henry Schultz, K, 8th N. J.
Jas. Morris, I, 8th N. J.
Augustus Keaney, C, 8th N. J.
Jacob Bauer, K, 8th N. J.
John De Crow, A, 8th N. J.

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