Yard 50 Rods South West of Pitkin’s Station, near Rail Road

Saml. Wood, I, 40th Massachusetts.
T. I. Sullivan, E, 40th Massachusetts.
W. H. Kelley, D, 87th Pennsylvania.
Geo. Bogart, F, 16th N. Y. H. A.
Henry Henkelgury, B. – N. Y. Eng.
Edwd. Sandford, C, 8th Maine.
Wm. I. Thomas, A, 8th Pennsylvania.
John Kestry, F, 2d Pennsylvania H. A.
R. A. Ketcham, H, 10th N. Y. Art.
I. P. Donham, F, 81st N. Y.
Henry McGee, L, 2d Pennsylvania H. A.
Corp. Thos. Costello, D. 8th Connecticut.
Alonzo E. Harrington, I, 114th N. Y.
Luke Bowker, F, 2d New Hampshire.
Levi Barrows, F, 2d New Hampshire.
I. C. Hadsell, H, 2d Pennsylvania Art.
John Cochrane, R. 55th Pennsylvania.
I. B. Laaman, H, 5th Maryland.
Wm. A. Lewis, A, 8th Maine.
John Allen, B, 142d N. Y.
I. B. Little, G, 188th Pennsylvania.
H. F. Foster, H, 89th N. Y.
H. Wolffer, L, 4th U. S. Art.
I. Robinson, B, 2d Pennsylvania Art.
I. A. Stines, C, 126th Pennsylvania.
W. B. Kemp, B, 26th Virginia.
E. Stevens. B. 25th Massachusetts.
G. W. Mitchell, E, 8th Connecticut.
D. Hannah, M, 102d Pennsylvania.
-. Houston, D. 5th Vermont.
I. McDonnell, K. 11th Connecticut.
G. A. Feagles, I, 148th N. Y.
Sergt. A. Ballard, D, 102d Pennsylvania.
Napoleon Beck, E, 90th N. Y.
Jos. Marquis, — 13th Indiana.
Corp. S. Carr, E, 169th N. Y.
I. Lynch, A, 4th New Hampshire.
Ben. Judd, M, 10th N. Y. H. A.
S. T. Elliott, C, 13th New Hampshire.
G. H. Hutchins, D, 2d Connecticut.
Jas. Leddis, E, 118th N. Y.
Johann Nuller, I. 117th N. Y.
Jas. Conahy, D, 142d N. Y.
L. D. Inell, C, 10th New Hampshire.
Robt. Bonner, D, 2d Pennsylvania Art.
D. Kelley, F, 12th New Hampshire.
Moses Edmunds, H, 4th New Hampshire.
Sergt. E. B. Ferris, I, 118th N. Y.
I. Conaly, A, 142d N. Y.
C. Addams, B, 188th Pennsylvania.
E. C. Schaffer, D, 76th Pennsylvania.
I. Waltons, D, 97th Pennsylvania.
H. Donahue, F, 55th Pennsylvania.
M. Rogan, F, 97th Pennsylvania.
Henry Potts, B, 8th Maine.
Wm. Sargent, B, 8th Maine.
N. Derwin, C, 97th Pennsylvania.
C. Berger, H, 2d Pennsylvania.
Hartley Roe, F, 2d Pennsylvania.
I. Strunk, A, 12th New Hampshire.
Robt. Henry, D, 112th N. Y.
W. A. McKinney, D, 92d N. Y.
D. Goodwin, K, 4th New Hampshire.
J. Buckley, G, 118th N. Y.
D. Greely, H, 102d Pennsylvania.
B. Wise, D, 93d Pennsylvania.
E. McElheny, I, 93d Pennsylvania.
Ulrie Beck, B, 2d Pennsylvania H. A.
Ben. Decker, C, 148th N. Y.
A. Green, F, 2d Pennsylvania H. A.
Capt. I. M. McIntosh, E, 142d N. Y.
H. Ford, I, 76th Pennsylvania.
I. H. Lamb, B, 13th Indiana.
M. Hocum, B, 96th N. Y.
I. Scully, – 9th New Jersey.
E. Y. Porter, D, 4th New Hampshire.
Corp. I. Sullivan, G, 139th N. Y.
Antiune Felio, K, 118th N. Y.
M. Stephen, B, 1st N. Y. Eng.
B. F. Robins, B, 10th New Hampshire.
Henry Smith, H, 8th Connecticut.
Caleb Kulefish, A, 9th New Jersey.
David Metcalf, G, 76th Pennsylvania.
Sergt. Jas. E. Backer, D, 3d N. Y.
John Hoghan, A, 115th N. Y.
Lewis Linburgher, H, 23d U. S. C. T.
Jerome Etheridge, L, 10th N. Y.
Geo. T. Teft, K, 117th N. Y.
Daniel McKiel, A, 40th Massachusetts.
Thos. I. Putnam, B, 9th New Jersey.
R. B. Leffingwell, G, 169th N. Y.
Albert Nesberg, H, 48th N. Y.
Jos. R. Emmett, K, 4th New Hampshire.
Silas T. Tiffany, F, 112th N. Y.
Henry Addiss, E, 48th N. Y.
Jos. McDade, G, 4th New Hampshire.
Jos. Morris, H, 11th Connecticut.
Geo. Wilding, I, 4th New Hampshire.
John A. Crossley, F, 2d Pennsylvania.
Robt. M- W-, F, 97th Pennsylvania.
Corp. -P. W-
Sergt. I. M. L-, – 13th Indiana.
Corp. Jas. Gallagher, F, 47th N. Y.

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