US Army Deaths Reported on 25 May 1919

Rank Soldier Address Cause of Death
Pvt Albert Fisher Altoona, Pa. KIA
Pvt Benjamin H. McDaniel Schoffield, Mo. KIA
Pvt Warren Alfred Gracely Allentown, Pa. KIA
Pvt Lars L. Larsen Spanish Fork, Utah KIA
Pvt Earl D. Magnett Tipton, Ind. KIA
Pvt Basil Skraba South Heart, N.D. KIA
Pvt Ralph McKinly Thompson Onedia, Ohio KIA
Pvt Santiago Aguilar San Miguel, N.M. KIA
Pvt Henry R. Boner New Orleans, La. KIA
Pvt Angelo-mario Fiocco Villa St. Stefane, Italy KIA
Pvt Norman M. Reed Long Bottom, Ohio KIA
Pvt Oran M. Neill Athens, Tex. KIA
Pvt Levell Taylor Chicago, Ill. KIA
Ltn Clifford F. Phillips Neola, Iowa Wounds
Cpl Im L. Eno Havelock, Iowa Wounds
Cpl Fred Randall Lyndon, Kan. Wounds
Cpl Charles A. Lions New York, NY Wounds
Pvt Joseph Fioric New York, NY Wounds
Pvt Oscar Lawyerson Caratunk, Me. Wounds
Pvt William A. Roper Corpus Christi, Tex. Wounds
Pvt Oscar Johnson Odanah, Wis. Wounds
Pvt Peter Manner Kusponlaanl, Finland Wounds
Pvt William T. Norman Coney Island, NY Wounds
Pvt Lewis Crosovolt Houtzdale, Pa. Wounds
Pvt Louis De Luca Brooklyn, NY Wounds
Pvt August H. Rittmiller Baltimore, Md. Wounds
Ltn John North Lawrence, Kans. Accident or other cause
Sgt Howard Malcolm Poland Trenton, N.J. Accident or other cause
Sgt Charles L. Smith Brookline, Mass. Accident or other cause
Sgt Ulmont S. Crumley New Kensington, Pa. Accident or other cause
Sgt Albert W. Meyer Hartsburg, Mo. Accident or other cause
Cpl William Morgan Rediville, N.C. Accident or other cause
Cpl Oscar Holtsclaw Danville, Ind. Accident or other cause
Cpl Charles E. A. Ryan Somerville, Mass. Accident or other cause
Cpl Robert Emmet Fitzmaurice Kansas City, Mo. Accident or other cause
Cpl Ashley M. Morton Warner, N.H. Accident or other cause
Pvt Tony Margaride Decoto, Cal. Accident or other cause
Pvt Henry Wainright Birmingham, Ala. Accident or other cause
Pvt Walter W. Jackson Owasso, Okla. Accident or other cause
Pvt Wasiel Krasnov McKees Rocks, Pa. Accident or other cause
Pvt Harold D. Benbrook Rockwell, Tex. Accident or other cause
Pvt William Howard Christiansburg, Va. Accident or other cause
Pvt Andrew S. Neiss Michaels, Minn. Accident or other cause
Pvt George Pharis Brotherton, Tenn. Accident or other cause
Pvt Samuel Vaughn Belleview, Tenn. Accident or other cause
Pvt Oliver G. Wright Oriskany, Va. Accident or other cause
Pvt Henry E. Eberie Philadelphia, Pa. Accident or other cause
Pvt William J. Nugent Cleveland, Ohio Accident or other cause
Pvt Luther T. Allen Alpine, Ala. Accident or other cause
Pvt Drewery Cassady Stuart, Va. Accident or other cause
Pvt Richard J. Fitzsimmons New York, NY Accident or other cause
Ltn Lionel A. Anderson Lawrence, Kans. Disease
Sgt John Frederick Clark Houston, Tex Disease
Sgt George Laberdie Toledo, Ohio Disease
Sgt Frank H. Lathrop, jr. Berkeley, Calif. Disease
Cpl William lane Savannah, Ga. Disease
Cpl Charles E. Larson Deland, Ill. Disease
Bugler George J. Nelson South Provo, Utah Disease
Wagoner Clement C. Bates Jamestown, Pa. Disease
Cook Garnet L. Bray Mason City, Neb. Disease
Cook Arthur P. Schofield Dryden, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Leroy H. Haynes Baltimore, Md. Disease
Pvt Cleveland Young Burton, La. Disease
Pvt Joseph J. Flynn New Rochelle, N.Y. Disease
Pvt William Nathan Jacoff New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Sam Raselli Torre de Passeri, Italy Disease
Pvt Theodore Amout Shawnee, Okla. Disease
Pvt Ed. Bolar Lepanto, Ark. Disease
Pvt Salvatore Comgliaro Province Palermo, Italy Disease
Pvt Chester A. Carey Waterloo, Iowa Disease
Pvt Everett E. Crist Hudnall, W.Va. Disease
Pvt Arthur B. Davis Stone Mountain, Ga. Disease
Pvt Claude Davis Williamson, Ga. Disease
Pvt Henry McAllister Davis Cushin, Tex. Disease
Pvt Adhemar Demers New Bedford, Mass. Disease
Pvt Raymond C. Dewert Walworth, N.Y. Disease
Pvt John Doerhelm, jr. Lehr, N.D. Disease
Pvt Lars Ede Boise, Idaho Disease
Pvt Joseph T. Esposito New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt John Gibson Scranton, Pa. Disease
Pvt John S. Kristensen New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Samuel Lazar New Britain, Conn. Disease
Pvt Ralph Laciano Staten Island, N.Y. Disease
Pvt John J. McCallion New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Walter McCormick New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Michael C. McGrogan West Newton, Pa. Disease
Pvt Rito Mares Fort Summer, N.M. Disease
Pvt Encolina Militerne Jamaica, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Daniel J. Millicker Mashopee Falls, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Max L. Ossman Los Angeles, Calif. Disease
Pvt Louis D. Parham Oxford, N.C. Disease
Pvt Alfonso Picardi Bridgeport, Conn. Disease
Pvt Bartollo Picolo Norwich, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Vincent Przergielewski Buffalo, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Andrew G. Rejos Cedar Falls, Iowa Disease
Pvt Samuel Revner Chelsea, Mass. Disease
Pvt Corbly Pierson Sams Kirby, Pa. Disease
Pvt George Schlenker Jordan, Mont. Disease
Pvt Anthony J. Schlosser Revillo, S.D. Disease
Pvt Thomas Shipley Chimneyrock, Mont. Disease
Pvt Edward Singhelasen Dillworth, Okla. Disease
Pvt John Space New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Martin J. Sterholm East Grand Forks, Minn. Disease
Pvt Edward Sture Knappa, Ore. Disease
Pvt Nicholas Sullivan Genoa, N.Y. Disease
Pvt James P. Summers Willimantic, Conn. Disease
Pvt Walter Alfred Thompson Trenton, N.J. Disease
Pvt Joseph Uccalic Boston, Mass. Disease
Pvt Mike Vareflin Brockton, Mass. Disease
Pvt Theodore Wagner Bellevue, Iowa Disease
Pvt Little T. Wright Ashburn, Ga. Disease
Pvt Dominick Yannace New York, N.Y. Disease
Pvt Edward Blair Jeanerette, La. Disease
Pvt Alvin T. Bringa Stoughton, Wis. Disease
Pvt George Brooks Eudora, Ark. Disease
Pvt Floyd Chandler Jackson, Tenn. Disease
Pvt William A. Craig Athens, Ohio Disease
Pvt Alexander Domanoski Jersey City, N.J. Disease
Pvt Percy R. Everhart Kittanning, Pa. Disease
Pvt James W. Gilder Columbia, N.C. Disease
Pvt Wirt Gilliam Hosmer, Va. Disease
Pvt Luther S. Hagler Gilmer, Tex. Disease
Pvt Henry Harp San Augustine, Tex. Disease
Pvt Lawrence Hendrix Biorne, Ark. Disease
Pvt Lars S. Moore Saline, Tex. Disease
Pvt Meshack Roberson Houston, Tex. Disease
Pvt William E. Wright Whitney, S.C. Disease
Pvt Clim Anderson Hannah, Mo. Disease
Pvt Thomas C. Brubaker Luray, Va. Disease
Pvt Will T. Hamlett Luray, Tenn. Disease
Pvt Philip J. Horgan Dougherty, Iowa Disease
Pvt William D. Keeff Alton, Ill. Disease
Pvt Frank W. Baber Pleasant View, Tenn. Disease
Pvt Charles G. Beichter Curtice, Ohio Disease
Pvt Willie M. Bryant Abbottsburg, N.C. Disease
Pvt Davis H. Durst Adena, Ohio Disease
Pvt William Eckles Bellville, Tex. Disease
Pvt Clarence Hurt Woodville, Ga. Disease
Pvt Ike Turner Dockerd, Tenn. Disease
Pvt Tom Wells Oak Park, Ga. Disease
Pvt George White Prentiss, Miss. Disease
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