Sailor’s Creek

The following list of graves in this part of the field – S. W. of Richmond, has been furnished by Rev. J. B. Perry, Chaplain 10th Vt. Regt.

Thos. J. Partridge, H, 37th Mass.
Chas. A. Wade, B, 2nd R. I.
Chas. C. Vanalstein, G, 5th Wis.
Edwd. Merley, A, 37th Mass.
Henry Luce, E, 37th Mass.
Chas. Spellman, K, 37th Mass.
Geo. Shay, G, 121st N. Y.
Jas. R. Gaily, F, 67th Pa.
John McElroy, G, 2nd R. I.
Gideon Beard, G, 93rd Pa.
Chas. M. Bailey, E, 1st Maine Cav.
D. E. Wise, I, 4th Pa. Cav.
John Keas, I, 4th Pa. Cav.
Corp. Norris __, H, 121st N. Y.
Edwin lewis, I, 121st N. Y.
Jas. Sherman, G, 121st N. Y.
Wm. F. Leggett, F, 37th Mass.
Timothy Muller, K, 37th Mass.
[Henry] Messenger, B, 47th Mass.
Geo. Swab, D, 67th Pa.
Jos. Shyenberger, K, 87th Pa.
L. Wm. Myers, K, 87th Pa.
Lieut. Wm. Perry, F, 2nd R. I.
Corp. Morris E. Hinkle, A, 138th Pa.
Sergt. Calvin Cain, C, 49th Pa.
Saml. Wolf, G, 49th Pa.
Jas. Ambrose, C, 49th Pa.
Sgt. Maj. Jas. R. Hackenburg, – 49th Pa.
C. Vanalstine, G, 5th Wis.
John McElroy, A, 2nd R. I.
Corp. A. Johnson, C, 5th Wis.
Danl. H. May, H, 82nd Pa.
G. Beards, G, 95th Pa.
Geo. Shay, 121st N. Y.
J. D. Gurnee, E, 5th Wis.
Chas. Blakeslee, C, 37th Mass.
Sergt. G. Purdy, D, 5th Wis.
T. J. Cartridge, D, 10th Ga.

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