Peter Burchard’s Garden

Graves found in lower end of garden at the house of Peter Burchard on Prince George Road.

T. Moarhad, – I, 148th Pennsylvania.
H. G. Hogi.
S. Dun, H, 4th N. Y.
A. Hamlen, H, 26th N. H.
Jacob Dierce, B, 7th N. Y. Art.
P. Fitzpatrick, G, 81st Pennsylvania.
E. Davis, A, 125th N. Y.
L. Rooney, R, 63d N. Y.
P. Fitzsimons, C, 4th N. Y. Art.
H. I. Ginkin, B, 5th N. Y.
T. Huck, E, 61st N. Y.
R. Bunn, C, 6th N. Y.
E. Ewirett, D, 61st N. Y.
C. Clark, F, 64th N. Y.
Wm. Rockwell, B, 64th N. Y.

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