SS Oliver Westover

Passengers sailing from Pensacola, Florida Bound for Port of Algiers and Tunis, North Africa

29 August 1945

Henri Mercier, master

All were in the French Navy, all French citizens and of French race, all could read and write, all listed their future permanent residence as France.

NameAge     P.O.B.ResidenceArrival USAPortStatus
Jean Polfrit27France     French Morocco4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Married
Bernard Deaubliaux27FranceFrench Morocco     5/17/1944New YorkMarried
Gerard Louis Lassalle20FranceFrench Morocco4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.     Single
Rene Charles Bresson20 SpainFrench Morocco4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Pierre Francois Baichere     20AlgeriaAlgeria4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Pierre Marinie20FranceFrench Morocco4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Alain Le Bras23FranceFrench Morocco4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Paul Leporati24FranceAlgeria4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Yves Augry23FranceFrance2/23/1945New YorkSingle
Guy Trenquier27FranceAlgeria6/10/1945NorfolkMarried
Henry Troneur37FranceFrance2/23/1945New YorkMarried
Roger Savart22FranceFrance4/13/1945New YorkMarried
Alain Mevel36FranceFrance2/23/1945New YorkSingle
Anselme Simeone22FranceFrench Morocco2/22/1945Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Single
Gerard Bequet22FranceAlgeria3/25/1945NorfolkSingle
Leon Comte19FranceAlgeria5/16/1945New YorkSingle
Vincent Parisi27FranceAlgeria3/20/1945New YorkSingle
Alain Barbeoch29FranceFrance2/23/1945New YorkSingle
Jean Damielo28FranceAlgeria3/2/1944Boston Single
Eugene Amiel33FranceAlgeria4/17/1944Newport News, Norfolk, Va.Married
Louis Chenu21FranceFrance12/12/1944     New YorkSingle
Roger Lacaze Labarrere25FranceFrance 4/12/1945New YorkSingle
Corentin Drogou 30FranceFrance3/2/1945New YorkMarried
Christian Boudinot22FranceFrance2/23/1945New YorkSingle

More information about the French Navy can be found in the books:

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