US Army and Navy Deaths, Wounded, Missing, Safe and Liberated,
21 September 1945

Washington, D. C., Sept. 21 -- The navy and war departments today made public new lists of casualties, and of army personnel liberated from camps in Japan. The next of kin have been kept informed of any changes in status of casualties, the navy and war department said.

Listed here are the soldiers, sailors and marines from Illinois and Wisconsin

Army Dead: European Regions

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc Leslie W. FrenchMrs. Anna C. French, wifeLa Crosse, WI

Army Dead: Pacific Regions

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc Jasper W. WilcoxMrs. Willow E. Wilcox, motherSouth Bend, IN

Army Wounded: Pacific Regions

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc George J. RaderMrs. Olga Rader, motherWausau, WI

Army Liberated from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Cpl Charles M. ButterworthMrs. Lillian M. Butterworth, motherSouth Bend, IN

Navy Dead: Previously reported missing

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
S/2c Harold Stuart Conlee, U.S.N.R.Mr. and Mrs. William Conlee, parentsSpringfield, IL
machinist's mate 1c Earl Irwin Klee, U.S.N.Fred Klee, brother2013 W. Cherry St., Milwaukee, WI
S/1c Ora Alanda Marshall, U.S.N.R.Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Marshall, parentsSpringfield, IL
machinist's mate 1c Joseph John Piotrowski, U.S.N.Mrs. Jessie Piotrowski Darrow, mother1732 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago, IL

Navy Missing

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
chief quartermaster Edward Mitchell Engebretsen, U.S.N.Mr. and Mrs. Lee Edward Engebretsen, parentsWaupaca, WI
storekeeper 3c Joseph Walter Gorecki, U.S.N.R.Mrs. Gertrude Guara Gorecki, wife3346 S. Aberdeen St., Chicago, IL
ensign John Joseph Hantschel, U.S.N.R.Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Hantschel, parentsAppleton, WI
ship's cook 3c Carl Wayne Piatt, U.S.N.R.Mrs. Margaret Madeline Platt, wife5531 W. 64th St., Chicago, IL
S/2c Raymond Joseph Kulovitz, U.S.N.R.Mr. John Kulovitz, father4349 S. Wells St., Chicago, IL

Navy Safe: Previously reported prisoner of war

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Gunnery Sgt John Cemeris, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Nettie Cemeris, wife4611 S. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc Joseph John Frehr, U.S.M.C.Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frehr, parents1839 Hudson Ave., Chicago, IL
Cpl Robert Fernand Haidinger, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Emilie Haidinger, mother1921 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL
Pfc Richard Thomas Hall, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Esther R. Hall, mother4437 N. Leavitt St., Chicago, IL
S/1c John Allison Harrell, U.S.N.R.Mrs. Agnes E. Harrell, wifeChampaign, IL
Field music corp Otis Clay HaydenMrs. Grace Hayden, mother6555 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc John Charles Janecek, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Stella Zuleger, motherWaukesha, WI
Cpl Robert Vincent Keith, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Francis E. Keating, sister10217 St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL
Cpl Alfred Tortsen Kohlin, U.S.M.C.R.Mrs. Axel T. Kohlin, motherMedford, WI
Cpl Walter John Kruczek, U.S.M.C.Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kruczek, parents1301 Pulaski Pl., East Chicago, IN
Pfc Albert Joseph Prochaska, U.S.M.C.Mr. and Mrs. Albert Prochaska, parentsDes Plaines, IL
Lt Leon William Rogers, U.S.N.Mrs. Virginia Bonzer Rogers, wifeSherwood, WI
Cpl Stanley Joseph Rozyski, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Mary Rozycki, mother5015 W. 29th St., Cicero, IL
Pfc Richard Rubert Schroeder, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Katherine Dragland, mother3337 W. Walnut St., Chicago, IL
Pfc Adolph Simon, U.S.M.C.Mrs. Eva Grabske, mother1715 W. 14th Pl., Chicago, IL
Pvt Edward Vinson Sturgeon, U.S.M.C.Mr. and Mrs. Ira V. Sturgeon, parentsHarvard, IL
Pfc Rosindo Albert Tiritilli, U.S.M.C.Mr. Basilio Tiritilli, brother5104 Montana St., Chicago, IL
shipfitter 3c Lawrence James Walker, U.S.N.Mr. and Mrs. Frank James Walker, parentsAltoona, WI
Pvt Carl Harry Williams, U.S.M.C.R.Mrs. Margaret Williams, motherLibertyville, IL
S/1c Leonard William Kooper, U.S.N.Mrs. Antoinette Gorski, sister2848 Woodard St., Chicago, IL
fireman 2c William Ross Jr., U.S.N.Mrs. Pearl Mae Olson, motherAurora, IL
boilermaker 2c Raymond George Krass, U.S.N.Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krass, parents13305 Calumet Ave., Chicago, IL

Navy Safe: Previously reported missing

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Aviation radioman 3c Walter Lester Owens, U.S.N.R.Mrs. Roy Lee Owens, mother937 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL
S/2c William Ingram Jr., U.S.N.Mr. and Mrs. William Ingram Sr., parentsSpringfield, IL



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