New York Intermediate Depot, Special Orders No. 64, 1 September 1921

Under the provisions of paragraph 87, Army Regulations, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver S. Eskridge, Infantry, at his own request, and Pvt. First Class George Mathers, 16th infantry, as Attendants, will proceed from Hoboken, N.J., to Washington, D.C., accompanying the remains of the following deceased soldiers enroute to destinations set opposite their respective names:

RankSoldierSerial No.UnitDestination
CplRichard W. Wright1817758Co. D, 317th InfArrington, Va
CplLloyd Holland1819226Co. K, 317th InfAxton P.O., Va
PvtJames W. Turner1849491Co. E, 319th InfCulpeper, Va
2nd LtBennie A. Green Co. D, 114th M.G. BnDanville, Va
PvtAugburn Dean Martin11946455th Co., 5th RegtEast Bend, NC
CplRobert Owens Pomeroy11759951st Co., 5 MarinesFront Royal, Va
PvtHenry K. Burtner3400010Co. H, 30th Inf.Greensboro, NC
PvtJames M. Beason736673Co. K, 11th InfGreensboro, NC
PvtJohn C. Bleight181452Co. B, 1st Gas. RegtHaymarket, Va
PvtTommie R. Armes2968124Co. E, 125th InfKeysville, Va
PvtJoseph I. Miles2967450Co. L, 128th InfLester Manor, Va
1st LtHoward T. Barger M.G. Co., 311th InfLynchburg, Va
PvtJacob L. Crist2969634Co. A, 11th M.G. BnLynchburg, Va
PvtSamuel S. Falwell2711653Co. C, 135th M.G. BnLynchburg, Va
PvtRobert J. Rodgers2967710Co. B, 132nd InfMartinsville, Va
CplWade H. Miller116045Co. B, 117th Tr Hq & M.P.New London, NC
PvtDaniel A. McIntosh1842308319 Amb. Co., 305 S.T.Orange, Va
PvtLeonard C. Duncan2467459Co. D, 318th InfRich Creek, Va
PvtMarvin Trexler541433Co. D, 7th InfSalisbury, Va
PvtWillie D. High3166653Co. E, 125th InfScottsburg, Va
PvtThomas J. Overton3166660Co. L, 11th InfScottsburg, Va
PfcRuffin C. Lynch567969Co. C, 59th InfStuart, Va
PvtOscar W. Wiley1558727Bty B, 321st F.A.Beckley, WV
CaptWilliam H. Humphreys Co. E, 58th InfCrozet, Va
PvtJohn R. Hayes1849954Hq Co., 317th InfHampton, Va
CplJacob S. Carter1821365Co. F, 318th InfIrwin, Va
PvtFarm Nelson1559791Hq Co., 7th InfLattin, WV
PvtLuther C. Hornsby3174842Co. A, 9th InfLee Hall, Va
CplJohn B. McNeely2969967Co. H, 16th InfLogan, WV
SgtThomas J. Cox2339012Co. G, 4th InfLogan, WV
PvtCharles C. McLaughlin1837611305 Tr Mtr Bat 80 DivMarlington, WV
PvtRiley Proffitt2967478Co. C, 16th InfMineral, VA
CplWilliam L. Prout55375M.G. Co., 26th InfMontgomery, WV
PfcJames L. Blow1290310M.G. Co., 116th InfPortsmouth, Va
PvtEddie Jones3631559Hq Co., 864th Trans CorpsPortsmouth, Va
PvtRaymond L. Myers555417Co. D, 9th M.G. BnPortsmouth, Va
PvtWedsel Ross1559801Co. B, 7th InfSalt Rock, WV
PvtHomer B. Benson551744Co. I, 38th InfStaunton, Va
PvtSamuel R. Eagle1322488Med Det, B.H. 41Staunton, Va
BglHarry T. Swecker1817747Co. D, 317th InfMonterey, Va
PvtWilliam R. Nowlan2737230Bty B, 10 F.A.Talcott, WV
PvtNain R. Harless550108Co. E, 353rd InfPepper, Va
PvtJohn Short2968254Co. K, 47th InfRaven, Va
PfcWilliam Haynes1820933Co. C, 318th InfSt. Charles, Va
PvtJacob Manning1922874Co. B, 327th InfWhite Pine, TN
PvtNewman A. Morris554034Co. C, 8th M.G. BnNew Martinsville, WV
PvtWalter D. Butcher3635376Co. C, 168th InfParkersburg, WV
PvtEverett L. Lyons1814643Hq Co., 314th InfParkersburg, WV
CookJoseph W. Hoce541040Fld Tr, 7th InfParkersburg, WV
SgtCharles Rosco McGinnis11766955 Co., 5 MarinesParkersburg, WV
PvtAndrew L. Matthew1833646Bty B, 313th F.A.Philippi, WV
CplShelton Lamm567705Co. D, 11th M.G. BnPullman, WV
PvtCarl H. Carmichael2711818Hq Co., 316th InfRavenswood, WV
PvtJesse Robinson4012430Med Det, 319th InfReader, WV
CplHarry E. Hill542050Co. G, 7th InfRipley, WV
CplFrank L. Windsor51465Co. I, 23rd InfRockville, MD
PvtPercy H. Samples3165945Co. E, 6th InfSalem, WV
PvtStewart Comer3170184Co. A, 126th InfShenandoah, Va
CplCharley McMullen548170Co. L, 30th InfSpencer, WV
PvtEmmett H. Rhodes1814562Co. B, 314th InfSpencer, WV
PvtThomas Strosnider3167064Co. L, 11th InfWardensville, WV
PvtWilliam J. Dakan548102Co. L, 30th InfWheeling, WV
PvtThomas G. Adams2665162Co. L, 320th InfWinchester, Va
PvtWilliam H. Mize3171128Co. E, 18th InfWinfield, WV
PvtLewis Gillispie3171171Co. B, 131st InfWoods, WV
PvtHenry D. Lowry2467553Co. B, 305th Hq Tr & M.P.Virgiline, Va
PvtBernard Diggs Allen11849720 Co., 5 MarinesKing & Queen Court House, Va
PvtGordon M. Barrett3165210Co. H, 6th InfAbingdon, Va
PfcFrank Cain1817976Co. E, 317th InfAppalachia, Va
PfcMiller T. Burton2467681Co. H, 317th InfBastain, Va
2nd LtJames C. Brewer I.R.C. Att, 5th MarinesBristol, Va
CplAnson J. Park734252Co. M, 6th InfBulls Gap, TN
PvtJames H. White1923312Co. G, 327th InfChuckey, TN
PvtThomas B. Meade1819458Co. K, 317th InfDrill, Va
PvtIsaac Aliff2713885Co. A, 57th T.C.Eccles, WV
2nd LtHobert Harris 127th InfErwin, TN
PvtEdward L. Carroll731088Co. A, 6th InfFordtown, TN
PvtFieldin K. Earls2663977Co. F, 320th InfGillespie, Va
PvtCharles T. Duncan1898702Co. F, 325th InfGreeneville, TN
PvtSterling Vaughn1923017Co. G, 327th InfIdol, TN
2nd LtRichard F. Kirkpatrick Co. L, 303rd InfKnoxville, TN
PfcSamuel A. Ogle123771Bty A, 5th F.A.Knoxville, TN
PvtOtis Sharp732709Co. F, 6th InfKnoxville, TN
PvtHarvey Cook246926Co. G, 168th InfMaben, WV
PvtWm. Allen Benton11747951st Co., 5 MarinesMayodan, NC
1st LtBallard C. Linch San Det, 314th InfNew Tazewell, TN
PvtEthel Gamble2131160Co. F, 127th InfOliver Springs, TN
PfcAubrey L. Compton1393Med Det, 16th InfRoanoke, Va
PvtAddison A. Deyerle3636781Co. A, 357th InfRoanoke, Va
PvtCarl H. Broughman2467509Co. C, 317th InfRoanoke, Va
PfcJoseph Clifton Harcum551546Co. H, 38th InfFranklin, Va
PvtRobert E. Mabry3170618Co. M, 9th InfHenderson, NC
PvtWilliam H. Matthews2313202Co. I, 104th InfKipling, NC
PvtGeorge Oren Hamlet11645849th Co., 5 MarinesPittsboro, NC
PvtAlonzo L. Williams569499Co. E, 58th InfBailey, NC
PvtSpirley E. Irby2463011Co. H, 370th InfBlackstone, Va
PvtAdolphus Cook103763Co. F, 369th InfJeffress, Va
PvtJimmie W. Gills2968169Co. B, 23rd InfKenbridge, Va
PvtRobert B. Braswell3170223Co. E, 126th InfLawrencevill, Va
PvtDudley Boyd Brantley24018475 Co., 6 MarinesMiddlesex, NC
CplDavid T. Strickland733712Co. K, 6th InfSmith Field, NC
PvtCalvin P. Cobb2400028Co. B, 30th InfTarboro, NC
2nd LtJohn W. Hassell M.G. Co., 58th InfWilliamston, NC
PvtWillie Carr551190Co. G, 38th InfZuni, Va
BglLawrence G. Barger1821354Co. F, 318th InfBuchanan, Va
PvtGeorge A. Harper296747613 Prov Co., JRDBumpass, Va
PvtHerrell Carneal561072Co. F, 59th InfDoswell, Va
CplAndrew W. Arnold1821348Co. F, 318th InfRichmond, Va
PvtFloyd J. Hetzer3168988Co. B, 61st InfRichmond, Va
SgtThomas B. Sale1821939Co. I, 318th InfRichmond, Va
PfcSam Stern551611Co. H, 38th InfRichmond, Va
SgtWilliam H. Keenan1828868Co. B, 320th InfWashington, DC
CplWilliam Neel1833395Bty A, 313th F.A.Bayard, WV
PvtClyde L. Armstrong3169809Co. B, 125th InfBelleville, WV
CplCarl Simmons1833662Bty B, 313th F.A.Belington, WV
PfcWilliam T. Blake553049Co. A, 7th M.G. BnBenwood Junction, WV
PvtDayton L. Dawson1848453Co. M, 26th InfBerkeley Springs, WV
PvtJesse P. Grim1520744Co. C, 146th Inf, 37 DivCameron, WV
CplOtmer Orvell Anderson11701067 Co., 5 MarinesCharleston, WV
CplJohn W. Shumate52189Co. M, 23rd InfCharleston, WV
PfcDuwain E. Kellar66071Co. L, 102nd InfClarksburg, WV
PvtWilliam A. Shamblin548203Co. L, 30th InfClarksburg, WV
PfcJoseph S. Truman2386268Co. B, 61st InfClay Court House, WV
PvtClyde Herman Slider10862523 Co., 6 M.G. Bn MarDavis, WV
PvtMilford E. Alkire556429Co. A, 39th InfDiana, WV
PvtMonroe Goff2170197Co. C, 146th InfElizabeth, WV
PvtAddis W. Jeffries1835445Co. I, 317th InfGrafton, WV
MechWilbur S. Moore1833651Bty B, 313th F.A.Grafton, WV
Sgt MjrWilliam Joseph Geary119309Hq, 4th BrigHarpers Ferry, WV
PvtEarl Coe553978Co. C, 8th M.G. BnMiddlebourne, WV
PvtCarl Melvin Jenkins1790180Co. H, 19th EngrsMiddletown, Va
PvtGilbert A. Neely3169431Co. I, 165th InfMorgantown, WV
PvtGeorge G. Calvert2713185Co. H, 314th InfMoundsville, WV
MechMike V. Saner560857Co. C, 59th InfMoundsville, WV
CplGeorge C. Dunlap1818448Co. G, 317th InfStaunton, Va
1st LtJames W. France Co. I, 320th InfRichmond, Va
PvtEdwin T. Jenkins1821266Hq Co., 318th InfRichmond, Va
PvtGeorge W. Wolf317035924 Prov Co., JRDBerkeley Springs, WV

Upon arrival at Washington, DC, Attendants will deliver the aforesaid remains to the Depot Quartermaster, that city, for distribution to their respective homes and upon completion of this duty will return to Hoboken, NJ, and report to the Officer in Charge, Graves Registration Service.



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