Moore's Company, Baldwin Infantry, Georgia State Guards

Local defense in Baldwin County. Composed of employees of the penitentiary and Lunatic Asylum and "Printers on Public Printing."

Capt. J. N. Moore
1st Ltn. Jacob W. Carake
2nd Ltn. G. F. Cross
2nd Ltn. J. G. Fowler
R. F. Adams
John G. Anderson
Wiley C. Anderson
A. F. Bayne
D. W. Beeland
F. L. Brantly
Jacob W. Caraker
W. H. Castleberry
L. D. Cole
Benjamin Cook
G. F. Cross
Robert Darby
Bryatt Dees
B. F. Denton
R. Denton
John Dougherty
George Dunlop
Harrison Estes
J. Estes
J. G. Fowler
James A. Green
L. P. Green
Jacob Haas
James P. Harrison
Robt. Heath
J. T. Hobby
John Hubbard
W. H. Hubbard
William Humphries
James P. Johnson
John W. Johnson
L. H. Jones
S. J. Kidd
P. Long
J. N. Moore
Thomas B. Moore
H. Perry
J. T. Pittman
Thomas H. Potter
T. O. Powell
C. C. Scarborough
Jesse Simmons
Erasmus Vaughan
W. Vaughan
B. R. Vaughn
C. Vaughn
R. M. Vaughn
R. R. Vaughn
W. Vaughn
R. D. Walker
John J. Wootten



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