List of Casualties in the 27th North Carolina Regiment in the Battle of the Wilderness, up to the 8th May 1864.

Field and Staff

Major Jas C. Webb, severely wounded

Sergeant Major T. E. Pittman, slightly wounded

Company A


Private Flowers

Private R. Holloman


Sergeant B. T. Rhodes, mortally, since died

Corporal S. Kilpatrick, severely

Private J. Peacock

Private D. Register

Private M. Cole

Private H. Casey

Private W. E. Davis

Private A. Dry, severely

Private W. T. Musgrave, severely

Private T. C. Overman

Private J. Philman, severely

Private L. Watson

Private A. Langston, severely

Private N. McLain

Private R. Ward

Private J. Thompson

Private N. Riley

Private J. Warrick, severely

Company B


Private Saml F. McLean

Private L. S. Lineberry


Captain John A. Sloan, slightly

Sergeant W. U. Steiner, slightly

Sergeant Stratford, slightly

Corporal Klutts, severely

Private F. G. Chilcutt, severely

Private D. Coltrain, slightly

Private W. H. Donnell, slightly

Private S. E. B. Gray, very slightly

Private T. R. Greeson, severely

Private W. A. Horney, leg amputated

Private S. S. Hiatt, very slightly

Private Wm Hunt, slightly

Private James Hardin, severely

Private R. B. McLean, severely

Private L. May, very slightly

private John Siler, severely

Private R. B. Tate, mortally

Private W. Williams, severely

Private Jas Wilson, very severely in side

Private Wm May, slightly

Company C


Private Simon P. Barrow

Private Spencer Bolden


Corporal W. H. Rouse, severely

Private John Edgely, slightly

Private Bennet C. Fields, severely

Private L. H. Fields, severely

Private N. Skinner, severely

Priave J. H. Wade, severely

Private Jas Wine, slightly

Private Jordan Potter, severely

Private John Potter, severely

Private Isaac Braxton, slightly

Private David Savage, slightly

Private John Brown, slightly

Private John Koonts, severely

Company D


Private D. C. Lee


Captain Calvin Herring, very slightly

Sergeant J. B Wooten, very severely

Corporal J. E. Taylor, slightly

Private H. Cunningham, slightly

Private B. A. Carter, very slightly

Private W. B. Carter, slightly

Private Jesse Potter, slightly

Private Lutson Stroud, severely

Private John Moody, slightly

Private Samuel Stroud, slightly

Private John M. Taylor, slightly

Private Henry E. Smith, severely in side

Private Wm Davenport, slightly

Company E


Corporal R. Lang, slightly

Corporal S. Williams. severely

Private J. J. Baker, very slightly

Private J. J. Smith, severely

Private W. F. Nobles, severely

Private N. W. Askew, severely

Private Wm Corbett, slightly

Private J. A. Lang, severely

Private A. Shivers, severely

Private D. C. Crawford, slightly

Private W. C. Askew, severely

Private Council Cannon, thigh

Private Jesse Hinson, face

Private Silas Nichols, slightly

Private Turner Moore, head

Private C. Dathington, slightly

Company F


Private John A. White

Private J. H. Price


Sergeant J. B. Week

Sergeant D. Hobbs, severely

Sergeant A. Berry, slightly

Corporal T. Goodman, severely

Private Barclitt, severely

Private J. Bundy, severely

Private Cross, severely

Private Thomas Fleetwood, severely

Private F. Foster, severely

Private Charles Lane, severely

Private John Miller, severely

Private B. Craven, slightly

Private Hall, slightly

Company G


Private R. C. Davis


Lieutenant James A. Graham, in leg

Sergeant Thomas B. Whitted, severely

Sergeant Olin F. Hatch, severely

Corporal R. Richards, slightly

Corporal J. Miles, slightly

Private C. S. Cooley, slightly

Private W. H. Crabtree, slightly

Private A. Forest, slightly

Private W. Gattis, slightly

Private D. Paul, sightly

Private M. Ray, slightly

Private J. S. Roberts, slightly

Private J. Smith, slightly

Private E. H. Strayborn

Private W. Thompson

Company H


Private L. A. Stokes


Sergeant S. A. Whitley, severely

Sergeant Saml Moore, severely

Private Ed Adams, severely

Private G. F. Evans, severely

Private W. N. Edwards, severely

Private W. B. Garris, severely

Private J. H. Clark, severely

Private Benj Quartermus, slightly

Private Richard Randolph, severely

Private W. F. Roundtee, slightly

Private John A. Stokes, severely

Private W. J. Sumrell, slightly

Private W. H. Stancil, slightly

Private W. R. Overton, slightly

Private Ed Wilson, severely

Private W. Oxley, severely

Private Peter Lawrence, slightly

Private Jesse Whitley, severely

Private John A. Vendrick, slightly

Pivate John A. Williams, slightly

Private J. L. Thigpen, slightly

Company I


Captain W. R. Larkins, slightly

Sergeant J. D. Mattocks, slightly

Corporal W. Lovitt

Private G. W. Barber

Private J. W. Burkheart

Private Cooper Huggins

Private T. J. Polk

Private H. B. Cox, slightly

Private J. Hadnot

Private C. King

Private J. M. Lovitt

Private E. Hodham

Private J. J. Reed

Private J. S. Speas

Private A. Gorden, very slightly

Company K


Sergeant R. H. Best

Private A. Langston


H. H. Coor

Sergeant N. J. Smith

Private E. G. Beaman

Private Henry Chase

Private Wm Etheridge, very slightly

Private J. H. Guin, in hand

Private W. H. Hurley

Private J. W. Holland, slightly

Private W. T. Lancaster, hip, severely

Private J. C. Log

Private E. M. Miller, severely

Private Josiah Smith

Private Peter Snyder

Private J. A. Barnes

Private W. S. Cox, slightly

Total - Killed: 14. Wounded: Officers 6; Enlisted Men 156.


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