Captain Montour's Company Delaware Indians

Pay Roll of the Delaware Indians in service of the United States,
commencing 15 June 1780 and ending 31 October 1781 (16 months and 7 days).

J. L. Finley, Sub Inspr


Capt. Montour's

Pay Roll of the Delaware Indians

No 13, No 65

31 July 1786

J. Howell Jr.

NameRankMonthly PayWhole Pay Due
AleemenPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
CaylaylamindPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
Capt. Dark
Luke DayCaptain
S. DrewMajor
J. L. FinleySub. Inspr.
HandutitPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
HingwalupaPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
J. Howell Jr.
MahinwupoossesCaptain$40$649 30/90ths
MawanapanoCaptain$40$649 30/90ths
John MontourCaptain$40$649 30/90ths
NanawalandCaptain$40$649 30/90ths
PimeelaoughanPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
QuillpukamenPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
ShaughamekPrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths
TawquatcheePrivate$6 60/90ths$108 12/90ths


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