7th Infantry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 7th US Infantry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/2″]Killed

2nd Lt T. A. Wansboro, Co C
Cpl J. M. Hunt, Co B
Cpl Daniel Conway, Co C
Cpl I. J. Austin, Co F
Cpl P. J. Shea, Co A
Sgt J. W. Jones, Co E
Cpl Fred Kiney, Co F
W. H. Balcke, Co C
Francis Hulme, Co C
E. S. White, Co C
Pat McGraw, Co B
M. M. Boury, Co D
Con Crawley, Co D
Daniel Maher, Co D
George Shields, Co H
Lee Carson, Co B
F. W. Dwyer, Co B
R. A. Jones, Co B
A. H. Gray, Co B
Harry Clark, Co A
William C. Croker, Co A
John R. O’Dowd, Co A
A. P. McAllister, Co F
F. E. Wort, band
Derge Sandberg, Co E
Fred Tinnanus, Co E
P. B. Davis, Co G
John Slaven, Co G
John Gleancy, Co G
James McGuire, Co G
J. Dermody, Co G
J. W. Long, Co G
S. R. Ryan, Co G


C. F. Hunt[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/2″]Wounded

Capt J. B. Jackson, Co G
2nd Lt H. A. Lafferty, Co A
Sgt R. C. Samuels, Co A
Cpl John Brodfort, Co A
Cpl George Smith, Co A
Cpl Charles Ayre, Co A
Cpl William McFarlane, Co A
Cpl William F. Burke, Co C
Cpl J. P. Stacke, Co C
Cpl R. N. Smith, Co B
Cpl T. H. Dunn, Co B
Cpl Martin Madden, Co D
Cpl A. W. Kibler, Co D
Cpl A. R. Lewis, Co F
Sgt George Rapp, Co F
Cpl G. D. Batholomew, Co F
Cpl T. L. Fairfax, Co F
Cpl George Bantyhoff, Co G
Cpl Fitzhugh Benham, Co G
Cpl Oskar Grotty, Co G
R. H. Bayly, Co A
Charles Henderson, Co A
Norman Louvay, Co A
Daniel Mahonay, Co A
M. J. Moore, Co A
John McMillar, Co A
William J. Rogan, Co A
J. H. Brown, Co B
Julien Rienke, Co B
Joseph Glivers, Co B
Mechel Hart, Co B
John Lyons, Co C
John J. Buchser, Co C
Charles Fuchs, Co C
Arthur F. Durgin, Co C
Fred Jahuki, Co C
Royal L. Fernald, Co C
William McMahon, Co C
Ernest Gerber, Co C
John Corcoran, Co C
Archie Mackey, Co C
Harry Metchell, Co C
Frank Boye, Co C
Robert Kealiher, Co C
Alvah G. Stewart, Co C
William Burleson, Co C
John B. Aspenault, Co C
A. J. Arnett, Co D
C. C. Cassidy, Co D
Daniel Connolly, Co D
Martin Crawley, Co D
Lewis Jacobson, Co D
Pat Kenigen, Co D
W. W. Lineback, Co D
Pat O’Connor, Co D
John Shecken, Co D
H. E. Wetherby, Co D
J. O. Hendley, Co F
G. H. Copeland, Co F
J. H. Larson, Co F
G. W. Meredith, Co F
William B. Kinilbs, Co L
Nils Christenson, Co F
John Klecki, Co F
A. R. Munpin, Co F
W. J. McIntyre, Co F
Olic Rose, Co F
Carl Tolbert, Co F
Thomas Kelly, Co F
N. Isler, Co H
John Krauss, Co H
John Gounand, Co H
William Killikewich, Co H
L. Holcomb, band
Keryter, Co C
William H. Kambill, Co G
Homer Keel, Co G
Francis Long, Co G
James Greeley, Co G
Francis Groty, Co G
William McGuire, Co G
Ed Becker, Co G
Frank Senaland, Co G
E. W. Houston, Co G
Louis T. Steen, Co E
J. T. Mack, Co E
Cpl John Rattletan, Co E
Pater Manion, Co E
Charles Spallen, Co E
Oskar Head, Co E
Hyman Vean, Co E
Benjamin Reverman, Co E
R. S. McDowell, Co E
C. T. Hunt, Co C[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

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