6th Infantry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 6th US Infantry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/2″]Killed

Capt A. M. Wetherill
1st Lt J. G. Ord
2d Lt R. S. Turman
2d Lt E. N. Benchley
Cpl R. Wallace
Cpl J. McConville
Cpl John J. Devan
Sgt P. Leonard
Frank Griffin
Alexander Werner
William Egan
Theodore Brown
Clare Miller
David Butler
James Mullen
J. F. C. Henderson
Edward Neal, musician[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/2″]Wounded

Capt G. B. Walker
Capt Z. W. Torrey
2d Lt L. H. Gross
2d Lt C. N. Purdy
2d Lt W. H. Simons
2d Lt John Robertson
Lt Col H. C. Egbert
Sgt H. H. Beldon
Sgt Thomas Farrell
Sgt J. J. Gardue
Sgt Frank Abel
Sgt C. Deiff
Sgt J. W. Irons
Sgt Tobias Wunder
Sgt James Deckar
Cpl Dennis Guiney
Cpl Frank Chezanski
Cpl James McClure
Cpl O. Caultas
Cpl D. Ockended
Cpl F. Christian
Cpl C. F. Meyer
Cpl D. Clytle
Cpl F. Stranger
Cpl John Shephard
Cpl William Murphy
Daniel Ausmus
William Braithwaite
William Harmes
R. A. Montague
Christopher Lanwick
William Schamm
Joseph Sullivan
John B. West
Henry Schielhultz
J. Bledsoe
R. Conrey
M. Comway
D. Gray
J. Hunning Lake
M. J. Long
J. Turney
J. Hughes
W. Apitz
O. D. Beiler
C. A. Bell
Charles Franklin
Clem Greenfield
W. J. Hedd
Edward Klug
John Mayer
W. Munson
S. S. Shelats
G. B. Alger
Dill Begley
Ernest Bodecker
A. A. Beal
Porter Dryden
W. J. Feltz
Alom Gibson
W. L. Huston
W. Myers
D. B. Patrick
D. W. Fagin
L. Begley
R. H. Breeze
Jeremiah Flynn
A. C. Gordy
Thomas Walters
Jefferson Gump
L. A. Converse
Mont Manning
Charles G. Horn
Charles Coisler
H. C. Kirme
William Miller
L. Bradford
D. F. Carter
Daniel Dempsey
V. C. Ervin
A. Gernn
F. Markley
E. Nichols
R. Addison
J. C. Brennan
Edward Ecks
E. E. Horsley
James Best
W. C. Buck
Thomas Duggan
John Hall
James McKenna
E. Ripeberger
M. Walsh
Pearl Smith
C. W. F. Pemberton
Joseph Stasionsky
C. Gerard, artificer
CHarles Eilker, artificer
J. E. Nelson, wagoner
J. H. Nelson, musician
Ralph Howard, musician
George McClue, musician[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

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