Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery's Regiment, 1690

21 January 1690

A list of all the officers for the marine regiment of foot, under the command of Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.

The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (Col.)

Lt. Col. Sir William Villers

Major Webberley

Capt. John Sydenham

Capt. George Naylor

Capt. James Waller

Capt. Arthur Owen

Capt. William Spragg

Capt. Richard Shorditch

Capt. Lesley Finch

Capt. Anthony Duncombe

Capt. Thomas Michael

Capt. Richard Courtenay

Capt. Francis Marsh

Capt. William Hayward

Capt. Samuel Odtbert

Capt. Henry Rous

Capt. James Langton

1st Ltn. James Thomas

1st Ltn. George Rowles

1st Ltn. Lambert

1st Ltn. Thomas Price

1st Ltn. Paul Batchelor

1st Ltn. Richard Leigh

1st Ltn. John Bennett

1st Ltn. Barry Moor

1st Ltn. John Philips

1st Ltn. John Gardner

1st Ltn. Charles Owsley

1st Ltn. Henry Morgan

1st Ltn. William Williams

1st Ltn. William Farmery

1st Ltn. Hill

2nd Ltn. John Garsh

2nd Ltn. Purvis

2nd Ltn. James Mallory

2nd Ltn. Thomas Owen

2nd Ltn. St. John Webb

2nd Ltn. David Ward

2nd Ltn. Edward Newbold

2nd Ltn. Mansel Stradling

2nd Ltn. Nicholas Bennet

2nd Ltn. Rhodes

2nd Ltn. Philip Thomas

2nd Ltn. Thomas Browne

Mr. Minait, Quartermaster

Mr. Buckler, Quartermaster

Mr. Stephens, Quartermaster

Francis Mogson, surgeon

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 13th Feb. 1689-April 1690, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 1, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1895. p. 423.

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