American Expedition

Names of Officers and Soldiers engaged in the American Expedition, who during the Years 1656, 1657 and 1658 applied for Arrears of Pay, or on whose account such applications were made by their Widows or Representatives. Many of the persons alluded to in the applications of Widows or Representatives are stated to have lost their Lives in the Expedition to America or in Jamaica.

Lieut. Ralph Hardwick2 Apr 1656
Capt. Thos. Hancock's children19 Apr 1656
Mary, widow of Ensign Hen. Hunt18 Apr 1656
Mary, widow of Capt. Edw. Spry18 Apr 1656
Mary, widow of Lieut. Ralph Garth18 Apr 1656
Mary, widow of John Broome18 Apr 1656
Benjamin Larkin18 Apr 1656
John Chum, serjeant18 Apr 1656
Amary, widow of Lt. Col. John Clarke13 May 1656
Lieut. Ralph Hardwick15 May 1656
Elizabeth, widow Major Vincent Corbett16 May 1656
Katherine, widow of Capt. Edw. Baynard5 Jun 1656
Mary, widow of Thos. Gage, chaplain18 Jul 1656
Elizabeth Corbett, widow18 Jul 1656
Clement, wife of Henry Hilliard18 Jul 1656
Capt. Chas. Glapthorne18 Jul 1656
Edward Beswich, drummer18 Jul 1656
Capt. Robt. Hay Tub24 Jul 1656
Major Ferguson, deceased24 Jul 1656
Jas. Berry, deceased24 Jul 1656
Capt. Thos. Hancock's children24 Jul 1656
Lieut. Ralph Garth, deceased24 Jul 1656
John Browne24 Jul 1656
Lieut. Edward Spry, deceased24 Jul 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Maj. Vin. Corbett5 Sep 1656
Capt. Bartholomew Davis, deceased5 Sep 1656
Katherine, widow of Capt. Edw. Baynard15 Sep 1656
Anne, widow of Capt. Rich. Bamford15 Sep 1656
The widow of Capt. Henry Davis15 Sep 1656
The widow of John Perryman15 Sep 1656
The widow of Lieut. Thos. Bushel 15 Sep 1656
Anne, widow of Wm. White15 Sep 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Wm. Wimball15 Sep 1656
Major Wm. Hill's daughter15 Sep 1656
William Alder15 Sep 1656
Anne, widow of Thos. Smith15 Sep 1656
Grace, widow of Prov. Marshal Thos. Goodfellow15 Sep 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Thos. Florey15 Sep 1656
Anne, widow of Wm. Feris15 Sep 1656
Jane, widow of John Pye15 Sep 1656
Dorothy, widow of John Palmer15 Sep 1656
Elizabeth, widow of John Elliott15 Sep 1656
Grace, widow of Abraham Bolton15 Sep 1656
Abigail, widow of Jas. Inskip15 Sep 1656
Alice, widow of Rich. Symonds15 Sep 1656
The widow of Jos. James15 Sep 1656
Mary, mother of Henry Hunt15 Sep 1656
John Ginger15 Sep 1656
Serj. Jas. Pinkernell15 Sep 1656
Bryan Hodgson15 Sep 1656
Sarah, widow of John Wilson15 Sep 1656
Henry Hilliard, surgeon15 Sep 1656
Lt. Col. Christ. Ennis15 Sep 1656
Serj. Rowland Litchfield15 Sep 1656
Serj. John Royden15 Sep 1656
Lieut. Lewis Prother15 Sep 1656
Lieut. Thos. Trafford15 Sep 1656
Hugh Jones15 Sep 1656
Thomas Upshaw15 Sep 1656
Richard Wells15 Sep 1656
Thos. Cudworth, deceased, Judge Advocate21 Oct 1656
Anne, widow of Wm. Hulston21 Oct 1656
Amy, widow of Thos. Sutton, serjt.21 Oct 1656
Mary, widow of Maj. Gen. Rich. Fortescue21 Oct 1656
Anne, mother of John Albert21 Oct 1656
The widow of Capt. Rich. Young, Adj. Gen.21 Oct 1656
Jane, widow of Jos. Ovey21 Oct 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Geo. Knight21 Oct 1656
William Hayes21 Oct 1656
Anthony Scales31 Oct 1656
Major Fortescue3 Dec 1656
Henry Hilliard, surgeon3 Dec 1656
Thomas Hosier11 Dec 1656
Lt. Samuel Bedlow, alias Bellewe25 Dec 1656
Ensign John Pollard25 Dec 1656
Thos. Patsill, corporal25 Dec 1656
Capt. George Butler25 Dec 1656
Capt. Thos. Salkeild25 Dec 1656
Hugh Pierce, serjeant25 Dec 1656
Capt. Rich. Steevens25 Dec 1656
John Charles, soldier25 Dec 1656
William Meeres, soldier25 Dec 1656
Nich. Foster, soldier25 Dec 1656
Phoebe, widow of Edw. Cleave25 Dec 1656
Avis, widow of Hen. Kingston25 Dec 1656
Barbara, widow of Thomas Knott25 Dec 1656
Ensign Geo. Watts, deceased25 Dec 1656
Martha, widow of Fras. Bellamy25 Dec 1656
Henry Holland, soldier25 Dec 1656
Mary, widow of John Osburne25 Dec 1656
Timothy Bancroft, soldier25 Dec 1656
Mary, widow of Lt. Col. Christ. Ennis25 Dec 1656
William Hide, deceased25 Dec 1656
Anne, widow of Thos. Hughes25 Dec 1656
Jane, widow of John Durant25 Dec 1656
Capt. Nath. Rockwell, deceased25 Dec 1656
Lucy, widow of John Midlebrooke, alias Midleborough 25 Dec 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Amy25 Dec 1656
Mary, mother of Thos. Edwards25 Dec 1656
Solomon Griffin, soldier, deceased25 Dec 1656
Nicholas Bowden, surgeon, deceased25 Dec 1656
Wm. Snelling, soldier, deceased25 Dec 1656
Frances, widow of Robt. Spence, soldier25 Dec 1656
Hester, widow of John Gavill, serjt.25 Dec 1656
Jane, widow of Jas. Debora, soldier25 Dec 1656
Mary, widow of Thos. Clarke, soldier25 Dec 1656
Olive, widow of Wm. Banister, soldier25 Dec 1656
Eliza, widow of John Marshall, soldier25 Dec 1656
Eliz., widow of Jonas Hopkins, soldier25 Dec 1656
Wm. Webb, soldier, deceased25 Dec 1656
Edward Hunt, serjeant25 Dec 1656
Mathew Dancey, drummer, deceased25 Dec 1656
Joane, widow of Lt. Col. Hen. Bartlett25 Dec 1656
Abigail, widow of Jonat. Judkin, soldier25 Dec 1656
Katherine, widow of Geo. Turberville, soldier25 Dec 1656
Capt. Daniel Howe25 Dec 1656
Ellen, widow of John Agar, alias Eager, soldier25 Dec 1656
Alice, widow of Thos. Ward, soldier25 Dec 1656
Rose, widow of Rowland Litchfield, serjt.25 Dec 1656
Bridget, widow of Gilbert Haythorne, soldier25 Dec 1656
Anne, widow of John Brooke, drummer25 Dec 1656
Wm. Wright, serjeant25 Dec 1656
Joane, widow of Jas. Stanniford, soldier25 Dec 1656
Isaac Chaplyn, chaplain, deceased25 Dec 1656
Rebecca, widow of Wm. Fudge, gunsmith25 Dec 1656
Lt. Thos. Totty25 Dec 1656
Giles Cotterell25 Dec 1656
Elizabeth, widow of Major Geo. Faulkner5 Feb 1657
Elizabeth, widow of Major Vincent Corbett6 Feb 1657
Anne, widow of Major Rich. Bamford12 Feb 1657
Col. Anthony Buller12 Feb 1657
Capt. Henry Potter12 Feb 1657
Jane, wife or widow of John Dean, Provost Marshal12 Feb 1657
John Barrow, Chaplain12 Feb 1657
Lieut. Col. Fras. Mercer12 Feb 1657
Lieut. Thos. Huddleston12 Feb 1657
Capt. Wm. Fleetwood30 Apr 1657
Vice-Admiral Wm. Goodson21 Jul 1657
Mary, widow of Lt.-Col. Christ. Ennis27 Aug 1657
Capt. Nath. Bowers, deceased24 Sep 1657
Col. John Humphreys9 Oct 1657
Lieut. Col. Bland9 Oct 1657
Major John Hilkins9 Oct 1657
Mary, widow of Thos. Bevan9 Feb 1658
Lieut. Col. Wm. Fleetwood23 Feb 1658
Col. Richard Holdip20 Apr 1658
Henry Hilliard, surgeon11 May 1658
Anne Hughes11 May 1658
Col. Humphreys12 May 1658
Lieut. Thos. Downing8 Jun 1658
Robt. White's children10 Jun 1658
Capt. Hen. Ferribosco's children10 Jun 1658
Thos. Ball10 Jun 1658
Anthony Scales10 Jun 1658
Thos. Scandover10 Jun 1658
Nicholas Terill10 Jun 1658
Thos. Howard10 Jun 1658
Wm. Tuke10 Jun 1658
Geo. Sherland10 Jun 1658
Geo. Payne10 Jun 1658
Wm., father of Isaac Ricroft10 Jun 1658
Sarah, mother of Wm. and Job. Syer10 Jun 1658
Theodore, father of Jas. Jenings10 Jun 1658
Gilbert, father of Henry Rigby10 Jun 1658
Eleanor, mother of John Merick10 Jun 1658
Bridget, mother of Jonathan Bowell10 Jun 1658
Nicholas, father of Chas. Lampley10 Jun 1658
William, father of Wn. Soward10 Jun 1658
Jane H. Foster, mother of Robt. Wells10 Jun 1658
Thos., father of Thos. Wheatley10 Jun 1658
Anne Lee, mother of Wm. Wickham10 Jun 1658
Richard, father of Rich. Hawkins10 Jun 1658
Dorothy, mother of John Hald10 Jun 1658
Martha, mother of John Jackson10 Jun 1658
John, father of Arthur Keeler10 Jun 1658
Wm., father of Robt. Nelson10 Jun 1658
Thos., father of John Page10 Jun 1658
Wm., father of Wm. Phelps10 Jun 1658
Wm., father of Robt. Twitty10 Jun 1658
John Seignior, deceased10 Jun 1658
Katherine, widow of -- Haworth10 Jun 1658
Lieut. Henry Middleton10 Jun 1658
John Hooke10 Jun 1658
Thomas Foss, deceased10 Jun 1658

Miscellaneous Petitions and Orders

January 1656

Petitions of Mary, widow of Major Christopher Cooper; of Mary, widow of Capt. Ralph Garth; and of Mary Broome, widow, to The Lord Protector. Their husbands lost their lives in Jamaica. Pray for relief.

23 July 1656

Petition of Mary, wife of Major Richard Hope, now in Col. Holdip's regiment in Jamaica, to the Council of State. By Secretary Thurloe's directions she was accepted a passenger on the Grantham, bound to Jamaica, but the Commissioners of the Admiralty have suddenly countermanded the order, and her clothes being on board she is ready to perish through want, if not relieved. Prays that orders may be given for her free passage, to join her husband.

22 September 1656

Orders of the Council of State. For a pension of 100l. per ann. to be paid to Johanna, relict of Maj.-Gen. Robt. Sedwick, who died in the service of the Commonwealth, in Jamaica.

2 December 1656

Petition of Johanna, relict of Major-Gen. Robt. Sedgwick, to the Lord Protector and Council. Has obtained a Privy Seal for payment of 100l., salary due to her husband, as Commissioner in jamaica, but cannot receive the money. prays that she may be paid out of the Spanish prizes.

August 1657

Petition of Jane Balden to the Lord Protector. her husband lost his life in the service at Jamaica leaving her three children miserably poor. Prays some relief.

27 March 1658

Petition of Thos. Brayne, father and executor of Lieut.-Gen. Wm. Brayne, deceased, in Jamaica, to the Lord Protector and Council. His son was in the service of the Commonwealth from the beginning of the troubles, and contracted many edbts to prepare himself for the western expedition, which has impaired both their fortunes. Has proved his son's will, and made applications for his arrears, upon which the Committee for the affairs of America have reported. Prays for their speedy payment.

(General Brayne died 2 September 1657).

15 June 1658

Order of the Council of State. For a portion of arrears to be paid to those wives willing to go to their husbands in Jamaica, viz., Henry Archibould, capt., maj., and col.; Hen. Hilliard, trooper and surgeon; Henry Rudyerd, capt. lieut.; Edmond Williott, corporal and serj.; john Yorke, corporal, serj., and soldier.

19 September 1659

Order of the Council of State. Mary Ryder, Paulina Pindar, Anne Cadaway, and Alice Leverett, with several others, whose husbands are soldiers in Jamaica, desirous of being transported to that island at the expense of the State, and Capt. James undertaking to do so at 6l. 10s. per head, Col. Walton is directed to request the pleasure of parliament thereon.

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