The Royall Mary

List of the crew of his Majesty's Ship the Royall Mary. 2 August 1699

John Boswall, captain

James Broun, livetennent

David Tod, master

Robert Allan, gunner

Robert Scott, bosuan

James Wilsom, carpenter

Alexander Douglas, chyrurgeon

George Blyth, amt

James Gedd, mat

John Wilson, midshipman

John Fergusone, midshipman

James Alexander, midshipman

John Lamond, midshipman

John Cook, quartermaster

John Small, quartermaster

Robert Hutsone, quartermaster

Hendry Andersone, quartermaster

Mathow Mitchellsone, coxwaine

Archbald Pringle, steuart and clark

John Carnegie, cook

James Clark, coupar

James Whyt, gunner's mat

James Law, Boasswain mat

John Cathcart, chirurgeons meat

Androw Gourly, able seaman

Thomas Moyes, able

John Syme, able seaman

Archbald Angus, able

David Gaie, able

David Wilsone

David Broun, able seaman

David Bennity, elder, able seaman

George Broun, able

Andrew Key

Walter Chrihchton, able seaman

John Millar, able

William Forfar, able

Androw Geddie, able

Alexander Carfrae, able

James Key, able

George Boig, able

Michall Seaton

John Graham

James Chrysty

James Thomsone

James Watson

William Ending

George Haigie

Archbald McQueen

John Mellvill

William Greg

John Kelloch

John Lethum

William Mitchellson

Alexander Aitken

James Anderson

Robert Sybald

George Bartie

James Smart, elder

David Henderson

John Smart, younger

George Balvaird

James Balvaird

John Belfrage

John Wilson, younger

George Small

John Peadge

George Daes, able seaman

James Elder, able

David Bennitie, younger

Alexander Wyley

David Webster

James Coupar

William Law

Henry Tod

James Black

John Barcklay

Thomas Melcill

William Lindores

George Keith

William Broun

Adam Blackader

Archbald Gray, ordinary

John Stocks, ordinary

Hugh Frazer, ordinary

Thomas Wilsone, ordinary

William Lamb, ordinary

Alexander Tarbat, ordinary

James Bennet, ordinary

John Couper, ordinary

Androw Reid, ordinary

Patrick Walker

John Donaldsone, able seaman

James Rodger, able

Ninian Rodger, carpenters meat

Michall Schaw, able

John Kard, able

Joseph Reid, able

John Hamson, able

Archbald Kellso, able

James Ellies, able

James Cook, ordinary

James Suan, able

John Watt, armourer

Alexander Anderson, ordinary

Alexander Blair, able, 3 months midshipman

William Wilson, able

Ralph Broun, able seaman

John Orrock, able

Thomas Broun, able

Patrick Robertson

John Gray

Thomas Boyd, ordinary

John Irving, able

John Archbald, able

Philip Armstrong, able

Hugh Garvan, able

Grant, James, ed., The Old Scots Navy from 1689 to 1710 (London: Navy Records Society, 1914), pp. 232-237.



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