The Lyon

A list of the men aboard of the Lyon, Captain Edward Burd, commander, both officers and seamen, taken up the Sixteen day of April, 1694, by Robert Faa, present baillie of Dumbar, conform to ane act of the Lords of ther Majesties' Thesaurarie dated the fifth day of April instant.

Ltn., Ninian Hendersone

Ltn., James Carron

Master, James Cuthbertsone

Mate, James Pinkerton

Doctor, George Maccallo

Bosson, George Pedden

Gunner, James Aitchisone

Carpenter, James Douglass

Coock, Robert Hay

Midshipman and Coockson, John Auchterlony

Midshipman, James Littlejohn

Qwarteer, William Main

Qwarteer, David Drysdaill

Qwarteer, William Blaikie

Qwarteer, Allexander Hendersone

Bosson's mate, John Boustoun

Gunner's mate, James Coutrie

Carpenter's mate, William Douglass

Cook's mate, James Davidsone

Couper and Stewart, John Aitkin

Couper's mate, Andrew Broun


William Byter

Robert Irvin

John Miller

James Bell

James Black

George Beell

William Strang

John Ross

Charles Gowans

William Grahame

Thomas Andersone

William Mathisone

John Fairbairne

George Liddell

James Symonton

Thomas Andersone, younger

John Robertsone

James Robertsone

George Mill

John Low

Mark Pedden

Thomas Whyt

William Thomsone


John Cuthbertsone

John Legget

Robert Mitchell

James Maccallo

A list of the souldiers aboard the Lyon, commanded by Captain Edward Burd, the 16 Aprill, 1694.


George Winrame


Allexander McWatti

Casper Frans


John Gourli

James Hutchison


William Hartt

Colonel's Company

John Stuwartt

Abram Woodman

Levtenent-Colonel's Company

Robert Willson

John Ward

John Cummin

David McCleur

Major's Company

Andrew Maine

Wallter Stuwart

John Jamison

Captain Reid's Company

Robert Marnei

John Bell

Captain Dalem's Company

John Smith

Patrick Thorinton

James Pattierove

Allexander Shillds

Captain Orok's Company

James Watt

John Bell

Thomas Glen

Allexander Shepherd

Captain Dumbar's Company

William Coutts

John Grube

John Castells

Captain Hamillton's Company

Huwgh Grantt

John Ogillvie

James Moor

William Salmond

Captain Baillis' Company

Adam Carre

John Vepper

Andrew Pitthie

Captain Weir's Company

James Waston

James Gray

Hewgh Tennoch

Captain Stuwart's Company

Samuell McMillen

Hendry Gillcrist

James Aittkin

Captain Johnston's Company

Hendry McGee

William Gormell

James Scrogi

Grant, James, ed., The Old Scots Navy from 1689 to 1710 (London: Navy Records Society, 1914), pp. 181-184.



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