On City Point Wagon Road, back of the Defences, near the Creek

Geo. A. Lee, G, 188th Pennsylvania.
Geo. H. Myers, C, 95th Pennsylvania.
Corp. Chas. Nevins, C, 95th Pennsylvania.
0. P. Corson, B, 188th Pennsylvania.
Edward Ripley, B, 10th N. Y. Art.
Thos. Johnson, I, 2d Pa. Art.
Wm. Peek, H, 61st N. Y.
Adelbert Rich, I, 81st N. Y.
Jas. M. Flood, B, 10th New Hampshire.
Geo. Dull, D, 2d Pa. Art.
Geo. Rohr, E, 2d Pa. Art.
Michael Haish, C, 2d Pa. Art.
Sergt. S. H. Glass, A, 122d N. Y.
John Pinter, – 5th U. S. C. T.

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