Back of Fort Steadman

Albert Richmond, F, 117th N. Y.
Jason Harget, I, 117th N. Y.
Daniel Ulster, A, 13th Indiana.
Jos. R. Smith, B, 8th U. S. C. T.
Calvin -nass, –
H. F. Robison, E, 10th N. Y. Art.
F. A. Ahein, – 10th N. Y. Art.
John F. Lamb, – 9th Maine.
I. H. B., I, 9th –
Fred. Rachner, B, 117th N. Y.
John H. Buster, I, 9th Maine.
Sergt. C. H. Burgess, G, 9th Maine.
C. S. Cloud, D, 97th –
Tho. Campbell, C, 3d N. Y.
I. Krisel, I, 97th Pennsylvania.
Geo. T. Morrill, B, 23d Massachusetts
V. Yarnal, A, 97th Pennsylvania.
John Guest, G, – Pennsylvania.
Jas. R. Saville, I, 23d Massachusetts.
Jos. Weatha -, – 142d N. Y.
Geo. Watson, B, 142d N. Y.
Hiram Hyde, A. 142d N. Y.
Rich’d Muller, K, 40th N. Y.
Wm. G. Seymour, B, 8th N. Y.

Back of Fort Steadman.

Jacob Kramer, D, 40th N. Y.
I. C. Holbrook, F, 17th Maine.
John Stacy, I, 164th N. Y.
Fred’k Helberg, K, 155th N. Y.

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