4 March 1890 c. 25 26 Stat. 16

CHAP. 25.- An act to increase the pensions of certain soldiers and sailors who are totally helpless from injuries received or diseases contracted while in the service of the United States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all soldiers, sailors, and marines who have since the sixteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and eighty, or who may hereafter become so totally and permanently helpless from injuries received or disease contracted in the service and line of duty as to require the regular personal aid and attendance of another person, or who, if otherwise entitled, were excluded from the provisions of “An act to increase pensions of certain pensioned soldiers and sailors who are utterly helpless from injuries received or disease contracted while in the United States service,” approved June sixteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, shall be entitled to receive a pension at the rate of seventy-two dollars per month from the date of the passage of this act or of the certificate of the examining surgeon or board of surgeons showing such degree of disability made subsequent to the passage of this act.

Approved, March 4, 1890.

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