Index to Account Book of Military Stores, 1781-1788 (A-C)

Gen. Armand
Lt. Col. Adams
Lt. Armstrong
Lt. John Armstrong
James Armstrong
Capt. Albertson
Maj. William Alexander
Samuel Alexander
Richard Allison
George Apt
Thomas Ashmore
Jona. Arnold
William Anderson
Joseph Ashton
Peter Abel
William Able
T. B. Attwood
P. Auspack
Jno. Atkinson
Elijah Austin and Co.
Jacob Autranst
Arthur Beatty
Reading Beatty
Ercurius Beatty
William Blake
B. Bankson
James Bareland
Richard Backhouse
Jeremiah Bandon
Alexr. Blaine
Cornelius Broeck Sr.
Joseph Butcher
Benjamin Butcher
Eben. Brianham
Jno. Briant
Jno. Berudollar
Joseph Burdon
Isaac Barnett
Andrew Burk
Mr. Burrall
Miss Berrian
Henry Bentley
Edward Batton
Barnabas Binney
Lewis Busson
Benjamin Black
Joseph Bird
Jacob Bird
Joseph Bartholemew
Col. Bayard
Jno. Bayard
James Bryson
Thomas Bond
Luke Bliss
James Bringhurst
Maj. William Brown
William Brown
Jno. Brown
Ebenr. Brown
James Boyer
Christopher Byerly
George Baker
Hilary Baker
Charles Biddle
Clement Biddle
Anthony Bleeker
Edward Butler

Col. Butler
Alexr. Baird
Samuel Baird
Lt. Beaulieu
George Benedict
Gunning Bedford
Samuel Bedford
Jno. Betancourt
Ebem. Branham
Thomas Barclay
Daniel Beard
Samuel Blair
George Bush
Leonard Broom
Peter Baynton
Col. Daniel Brodhead
Robert Brumpton
Jno. Bellow
Sarah Burdon
Capt. Bradford
Thomas Bradford
Benjamin Bayley
Jno. Budd
Susanna Budd
Britton and Williams
John Britton
Thomas Britton
Thomas Biggs
Boyd and Bayard
Alexr. Boyd
Samuel Boyd
Jno. Bodine
Jno. Bates
Ezra Bates
George Bakehood
Jacob Bergen
David Burger
Henry Bedkin
Jno. Bellerjean
Joel Barton
James Byers
Henry Beckley
Jacob Beck
Joseph Burdon
Davis Beren
Henry Beares
Levi Battleson
Theodr. Bland
Joseph Blythe
Ralph H. Bowles
Col. Carrington
Thos. Chilcot
Wm. Corlis
Maxwell Chambers
James Chambers
Robert Cather
Daniel Couher
James Callaway
Maj. Isaac Craig
Jno. Craig
Thos. Craig
Capt. Coltman
Andrew Coldelough
Col. Cambray
Philip Colwater
William Cummings

Robert Caren
Patrick Colvin
Capt. Christie and Walker
James Christie
James Craft
Capt. Cushing
John Creigh
Jno. Chesnut
A. Caldwell
Robert Caldwell
Gerardus Clarkson
Maj. Clarkson
Ruth Coren
Mary Coren
Richard Claiborne
Ariel Collins
Joshua Cresson
George Christman
Col. William Coats
William Coats
Joseph Craft
Adam Casey
Solo. Cohen
Jno. Coburn
Robert Crane
Thomas Carradene
James Carson
Ebenezer Cowell
Jno. Cowell
Robert Cowell
Jno. Cox
Isaac Cox
Amos Curtis
Garrett Clements
Robert Correy
Jno. Cushing
James Callaway
Jno. Checkley
Robert Coleman
Abner Crump
John Cuff
Henry Callaghan
Isaac Caustin
William Cooper
Gen. Clochier
William Carter
Frederick Cower
Asa Copeland
James Clark
William Clark
Weston Clark
Israel Canfield
James Claypool
Jesse Crossley
Bellamy Cranford
Bernard Carrol
Peter Crine
Joseph Criner
Robert Coltman
Joshua Clap
Thomas Cater
Joseph Carson
James and David Cook
Jno. Cook
Hugh Cook
William Charley
Choctaw Chief

Index to Account Book of Military Stores, 1781-1788, Numbered Record Books Concerning Military Operations and Service, Pay and Settlement of Accounts, and Supplies in the War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records, microfilm M853 (Washington: National Archives), reel 36.

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